CFTC – Commitments of Traders: Euro Net Longs at 6-Year High: INV

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission released its weekly Commitments of Traders report for the week ending June 13 on Friday.

Speculative positioning in the CME and ICE currency, commodity, energy and index futures:

Long Short
Net Prior Change Gross Change Gross Change
EUR 79.1k 74.0k 5.0k 164.2k -0.7k 85.2k -5.7k
GBP -39.4k -36.7k -2.7k 40.6k 0.4k 80.0k 3.1k
JPY -50.6k -55.0k 4.5k 34.2k -5.6k 84.7k -10.1k
CHF -14.5k -16.6k 2.1k 8.5k 1.8k 23.0k -0.3k
CAD -88.6k -94.5k 5.9k 26.8k 0.3k 115.4k -5.6k
AUD -1.5k -0.1k -1.4k 33.1k -6.0k 34.6k -4.6k
NZD 1.6k -1.8k 3.4k 27.3k 7.9k 25.7k 4.5k
MXN 95.8k 84.8k 11.0k 123.5k 7.9k 27.7k -3.1k
S&P 500 57.8k 58.5k -0.7k 579.7k 6.0k 521.9k 6.7k
Gold 190.3k 204.5k -14.2k 297.2k -15.1k 106.9k -0.9k
Silver 60.7k 65.9k -5.3k 102.7k 1.0k 42.0k 6.3k
Copper 18.8k 12.7k 6.1k 108.0k 10.6k 89.2k 4.5k
RUB 6.4k 7.6k -1.3k 9.0k -0.9k 2.6k 0.4k
Crude Oil 359.0k 382.5k -23.5k 639.3k 14.5k 280.3k 37.9k


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