Deutsche: Dollar Longs Lowest In 7 Weeks – FXWW Chatroom update

Speculators further trimmed dollar longs, pushing net longs to its lowest level since late December. As a percentage of open interest, implied USD positioning reduced to 78% in the week ending 17-Feb from 86% in the previous week. According to the TFF report, both leveraged funds and asset managers scaled down their long dollar positions.
On the funding side, short positioning was trimmed for most currencies except for the franc. Data from TFF report show that EUR net shorts continued to fall as both leveraged funds and asset managers reduced their shorts. For the yen, net shorts were reduced despite leveraged funds adding to their shorts as asset managers went net long. Elsewhere, both leveraged funds and asset managers continued to trim their shorts in GBP. Leveraged funds cut back short positions in both AUD and NZD while increasing CAD shorts. Asset managers, however, increased NZD shorts while remaining flat on AUD and CAD. 

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