EURO-STERLING: MNI Fundamental levels (orders, options, technicals)

From the FXWW Chatroom: *stg0.79313 200-week ma-Bbg info(closed below Apr22+29, May6)
*stg0.7927      May9 high
*stg0.7919-21   May12 high/Hourly high May9
*stg0.78935     May16/stg0.7894 61.8% stg0.7947-0.7807
*stg0.7877      50% stg0.7947-0.7807
*stg0.7860      Int.Day high Asia(at open)
*stg0.7840      23.6% stg0.7947-0.7807(stg0.7860 38.2%)
*stg0.7815   ***Current market rate 0623GMT Tuesday
*stg0.7807      Int.Day low Asia(into Europe)
*stg0.7800      76.4% stg0.7754-0.7947
*stg0.7766      Apr29 low
*stg0.7754      NY low Apr28
*stg0.7739      Apr27 low
*stg0.7736      Mar14-Apr26 lows
*stg0.7700      Medium demand

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