FWR HomeHello, my name is Cameron and I have been studying the markets for over 20 years. What I have learnt is that there is not such thing as ‘get rich quick’ in forex – don’t believe what all of those system providers or binary brokers tell you, it is all a big con to get you to open a trading account and blow your capital. What happens is that they prey on your desire to become wealthy and careful craft their pitches to press all of your buttons, however reality is quite different. Forex Wave Rider is quite different, no hype, no promises just verified and honest results and commentary. What I care about is consistent monthly profit, low draw-downs and compounding returns.

Over the last 10 years I have bought countless number of systems and indicators hoping to find the ‘holy grail’ – and have given up on that quest. My quest now is to make consistent returns month on month and to compound the returns over time.

We use a tool called MyFxBook which is a service that monitors MetaTrader 4 trading accounts. What happens is that every hour or so MyFxBook polls the Forex Wave Rider metatrader account and updates the % gain, account maximum draw-down, current daily % return and current month total % return. The great thing about this tool is that it cannot be fudged and although there are privacy controls for the trader, the key results are publicly visible.

These results are also available at this MyFxBook page.


Forex Wave Rider is a manual system that is traded based on a convergence of 2 indicators and is ideally suited to the EURUSD currency pair. As the EURUSD and USDCHF are negatively correlated, often trades may be taken on USDCHF instead of EURUSD if the indicators are better aligned. As it is a manual system it is not traded 24 hours a day, and for good reason. It is anticipated that the majority of the trades for the system will be late Asian and during the European trading sessions. The AUDUSD pair is also monitored and will be traded if the conditions appear likely for a wave continuation and a 10-15 pip profit, however the AUDUSD is not as predictable as the EURUSD due to the lower liquidity levels.

Trading forex is not so much a competition where you are trading against banks and hedge fund traders, it is a battle in your own mind and this is where I believe the game is won or lost.

The intention behind Forex Wave Rider is to produce the following…

1- Consistent Monthly Returns – aim is to achieve at least 6% per month

2- Low Draw-downs and account risk – maintain draw-down less than 15%

3- Long Term Performance – rather than burning out after a short period of time, the Forex Wave Rider trading plan is to be a long term system

Below are the graphs for returns of Forex Wave Rider…


From the perspective of Forex Wave Rider, this is a new year and the same trading plan and strategy will be applied this year and I am committed to the program. I do believe this system is solid and just needs a market showing signs of normality back again. Mid January should see the trends continuing and other protective measures such as only trading EURUSD and reduced trading times on Friday will still be applied. I Have done so much training on this system that I now find it hard to break the rules – which is a good thing and I have programmed myself to see opportunities and wait for confirmations.

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