FX levels: update on levels to watch

Asian stock markets saw more excitement that FX today with many pairs holding fairly steady near major S/R levels. I wrote in more detail about this over the w/e but this is a brief update about the two open TC signals and the FX levels to monitor in coming sessions.

TC Signals:

EUR/AUD: this TC signal from last week spiked up to the 550 pip mark today. I’m still wary of the 1.55 level but, if price continues higher, then I’m watching the 1.75 level:

EA4 EAmonthly

NZD/USD: This signal hasn’t done much and I’m wary of a bounce here, even if just to test the previously broken trend line:


Other Forex:

E/U daily: watch for any triangle breakout that evolves along with increased momentum; up or down!


EUR/GBP weekly: the 0.75 might be tested again here:


E/J daily: keep an eye on 126.50 for any make or break:


A/U daily: watch 0.69:


Cable daily: watch for any test of 1.46:


U/J daily: there has been a channel break but 117 seems like decent support for now. Watch for any make or break here:


GBP/JPY daily: watch for any support from the 167 S/R level:


GBP/AUD daily: 2.07 remains on the radar here. That, and the Flag trend lines:


USD/CAD: the 1.40 level is major S/R and so might be tested again here:


Gold weekly: keep an eye on the $1,100 level and the wedge trend lines:


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