FX Majors & Crosses Flows

From the FXWW Chatroom – EURUSD: Flows: bids 1.13/1280. Stops below. More bids 1.1250/00. Offers: 1.1380/1410. Stops above.; USDJPY bids 120.20/00. Stops below. Offers on upticks to 121.00/30. Stops above; GBPUSD: bids 1.5400/5330. Offers 1.5460/80. More ahead of 1.55/5510. Stops above; EURGBP: bids 0.7300/7290. Stops below. Offers 0.7360/70, More ahead of 0.7400. Stops above; USDCHF bids 0.9650/20. Stops below. Offers 0.9700/20. More 9760/9800. Stops above. (SFC) 

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