FX: Option expiries for today’s Mon Nov 23 NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London)

From the FXWW Chatroom – *EUR/USD: $1.0550(E312mn), $1.0570(E236mn), $1.0600(E340mn), $1.0615(E330mn), $1.0675-80(E365mn), $1.0700(E1.45bn), $1.0720(E1.02bn), $1.0730(E303mn), $1.0750(E595mn), $1.0770(E1.73bn), $1.0775-80(E454mn) 
*USD/JPY: Y122.95-123.00($940mn), Y123.50($230mn), Y124.00($847mn), Y124.50($656mn), Y125.00($300mn) 
*EUR/JPY: Y131.40(E303mn) 
*USD/CHF: Chf1.0040-50($486mn), Chf1.0100($296mn), Chf1.0210($220mn) 
*AUD/USD: $0.7150(A$320mn) 
*NZD/USD: $0.6450(NZ$201mn), $0.6510(NZ$333mn), $0.6550(NZ$358mn), $0.6625(NZ$785mn) 
*USD/CAD: C$1.3330($232mn), C$1.3500($651mn) 
Expiries of note this week 
*EUR/USD: Nov25 $1.0600(E1.36bn), $1.0700(E1.41bn), $1.0800(E2.74bn) 
*USD/JPY: Nov25 Y122.009$1.27bn), Y123.00($1.7bn), Y123.50($1.48bn), Y124.00($1.7bn), Y126.00($1.29bn) 

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