FX update: Gold gets going: By Mary McNamara

This is just a brief FX update but the main point to note is that Gold has started moving and is up testing the major 6-year bear trend line.

USDX weekly: still hovering above support here:

Trend line breakout trades:

Gold: a trend line breakout has given 120 pips and watch now for any new make or break at the 6-year bear trend line:

Gold 4hr:

Gold 15 min: there was anew 15′ TC LONG BUT the Stop required was too large:

Gold 5 min: However, dropping down to the 5 min chart proved to be worthwhile as this offered a ^R trade result:

EUR/JPY 4hr: now up to 120 pips:

NZD/USD 4hr: stalled at 95 pips:

GBP/JPY: this gave up 180 pips:

GBP/JPY 4hr:

GBP/JPY 15 min: this TC signal gave up to 6R!

AUD/JPY: a new breakdown here too with a 15 min TC signal for 2R:

AUD/JPY: 4hr:

AUD/JPY 15 min:


EUR/USD 4hr: still triangle bound for now:

USD/CNH 4hr: one to watch:

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