FXWW Connect Features

FXWW Connect offers a fast, high powered, and intuitive online market news and data platform to quickly assess market opportunities.

Create the environment that works for you – You control what you want to view and the way you want to view it, featuring:

Fully Customizable Workspace

Sophisticated workspaces offer 3 unique layouts: flexsheet, desktop, and accordion pane.
The broadcast feature allows linked components to receive and display content based on a single input.  The Enhanced Link Mode offers further customization by enabling each component to broadcast and receive from specific channels.
Customizable index tool with ability to expand and view constituents.

Advanced Tools and Technology

Fully customizable quotes and real-time streaming FX spot rates.
Create customizable charts with real-time streaming quotes, in-depth technical analysis , benchmarking, and cross-currency charting.

Research the Markets

Offers the latest news with a streaming, real-time Reuters feed and advanced search capabilities.
Set alerts to receive instant notifications on price movements.

Get the market’s pulse. Click here and sign up for a free trial of FXWW Connect.

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