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WP.. Gbp – Cable bids reported into the tech support at 1.5599 – 61.8% of Friday rise from 1.5550-1.5679 and 1.5597 the low from the pullback from 1.5679 post the ECI highs. Attention on super Thursday – The August Inflation Report, Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) decision and MPC minutes will be published simultaneously on Thursday 6 August at 12:00 hrs (BST).  There will be a press conference, webcast live, from 12:45 hrs (BST) until 13:45 hrs (BST).As a part of the new arrangements, a concise summary covering the MPC’s policy decision and the main elements of the Minutes will now be produced.   Distinct risk that the 9-0 vote previously now sees a 6-3 vote at this meeting with Weale, McCafferty and Forbes voting for a hike.  In separate news FT front page headline-Osborne aims to eclipse Thatcher record for biggest sale of state assets. Chancellor plans £32bln of asset sales this year (all RBS)   – Where is Sid now?

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