Gold: stocks and ETFs worth watching

Gold has been in a bit of recovery mode of late given recent US$ weakness. I wrote a separate article earlier today about the precious metal and levels to watch which can be found through this link. In this article I’m posting charts of Gold stocks and ETFs worth watching in the event of any continued bullish momentum with Gold.

GC weekly: this NYMX spot Gold chart is naturally quite similar to the FX chart for Gold:


GDX weekly: The Gold Miners ETF looks to have started a bullish wedge breakout:


GDXJ weekly: The Junior Gold Miners ETF looks to be basing above $20 as well:


GG weekly: GoldCorp worth watching for any triangle breakout:


RGLD weekly: Royal Gold: ditto here:


GLD weekly: Gold Bullion ETF showing a similar trading channel as the FX chart:


ABX weekly: Barrick Gold: this has made a bullish trend line break BUT I’d prefer to wait and see any close and hold back above $15:


AUY weekly: Yamana Gold: this trend line looks vulnerable:


DGP weekly: this double Gold ETF looks like it might be trying for a bullish wedge breakout but the $30 is key S/R:


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