GREECE: Timeline of key events in Greece – FXWW Chatroom

– Jul 08 Euro Working Group (EWG) meets to discuss Greek ESM loan request 
– Jul 08 ECB Governing Council non-monetary policy meeting-review Greek bank ELA 
– Jul 08 Greek govt extended bank holidays/capital controls expire 
– Jul 09 Greek Apr unemployment rate 
– Jul 10 Greece T-bill redemption for E2bln 
– Jul 10 Greece deadline to submit detailed package of reforms to its creditors 
– Jul 11 Eurogroup meeting 
– Jul 12 EU 28 Leaders Summit on Greece 
– Jul 13 Greek final deadline imposed by EU Leaders 
– Jul 13 Greece to pay IMF loan E467mln 
– Jul 13 Eurogroup meeting 
– Jul 14 Greece to pay Sumurai bond redemption for Y20bln 
– Jul 15 Greece to pay E200mln mid-month public-sector wages and pensions 
– Jul 16 ECB Governing Council meeting, press conference in Frankfurt 
– Jul 17 Greece T-bill redemption for E1bln 

no breakdown of Sunday’s sched as yet.. 

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