High Impact News Releases (GMT) for Thursday Sept 03

News releases for Thursday September 03 (GMT) We have High impact news releases for today.
GBP 8:30am Services PMI (forecast 57.6 previous 57.4)
EUR 11:45am Minimum Bid Rate (forecast 0.05% previous 0.05%)
CAD 12:30pm Trade Balance (forecast -1.4B previous -0.5B )
EUR 12:30pm ECB Press Conference
USD 12:30pm Trade Balance (forecast -43.2B previous -43.8B )
USD 12:30pm Unemployment Claims (forecast 273K previous 271K )
USD 2:00pm ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI (forecast 58.3 previous 60.3)
Further news releases for today (Septemer 03) can be viewed here: http://www.forexsites.com/news-releases-for-thur-september-03-gmt/

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