How Greece Parliament Could Vote – FXWW Chatroom

How Greece Parliament could vote this Wednesday to legislate the agreed reforms based on recent rhetoric and last Friday’s parliamentary vote before the proposals were presented to the Eurogroup. Admittedly, the deal is more onerous on the Greeks compared to what was voted on last week (** refers to members of the ruling coalition):** Syriza (total 149 seats); 104 likely to back Tsioras, 45 may vote against the deal 
** Independent Greek (13 seats); may vote Against 
* New Democracy (76 seats); likely to vote yes 
* PASOK (13 seats); likely yes 
* To Potami (17 seats); likely yes 
* Golden Dawn (17 seats); Against reform 
* KKE (15 seats); likely against==> This means 210 For, 90 Against, giving the bill a 70% majority. The original proposal won 251 votes versus 49 against 

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