How Professional Traders Use Moving Averages: By Justin Paolini

Moving averages are a classic technical tool that never seem to go out of fashion. Like all technical tools, they need to be understood and traders need to appreciate when they are useful and when they lose effectiveness. Another crucial discussion could be the length of the moving average, and how the trader’s objectives will determine the most adequate length to use.

Today we’re going to share a piece of our Technical Analysis Course (available for subscribers), which shows how industry professionals think about moving averages, and how they select the appropriate average for their objectives (short-term, medium-term or long-term).

This video was put together by our very own Alan Collins. The full Technical Analysis Course covers the only consistent and concise tools used by Alan Collins and Steve Lucas, who are industry veterans that produce our Active Trader Signals.

About the Author

Justin is a Forex trader and Coach. He is co-owner of, a provider of Forex signals from ex-bank and hedge fund traders (get a free trial), or get FREE access to the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders. If you like his writing you can subscribe to the newsletter for free.

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