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Came out yesterday, but interesting read ahead of NFP .. Gallup’s U.S. Job Creation Index reached +32 for the month of May, the highest Gallup has found, by one point, since 2008. It slightly exceeds the +31 found in April, and the +30 found in September 2014.
China getting a working out here…not really seen a smoking gun, sure there is one though A large brokerage house halts all margin financing on ChiNext mkt effective today 
There have been 25 times since July 2014 when – as is now the case – AUD/USD has started a sequence of breaking the previous day’s high for 2 consecutive days. Of the 25, only 1 went on to close the next day with net losses of more than 95 pips. The equivalent level on Thursday is 0.7710. Second support at 0.7605. 

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