Non Farm Payroll Week and Budget Week (Sep 26)

The mover of the week was the GBP and Gbp/Usd is testing an important level of support from which I expect the pair to bounce.
Gbp/Jpy is the second mover but it did not test any levels and the remaining pairs trade inside “acceptable” zones.
At the beginning of each month we expect the NFP report that displays the change in the number of employed people (excluding the farming industry). This used to be “The Report”  of the month moving the pairs by hundreds of pips. Lately the impact on the pairs is not that important but it remains one of the most important reports of the month.
Apart from the NFP we have many reports during the week and a speech from Mrs Yelen on Wednesday. I hope that she is better now because I was a little bit concerned with her latest speech (you can google Yelen Amherst speech and see the short Youtube video).
On Wednesday the US Congress has to approve the US Budget for 2016 and if it fails the government will need to shut down as it did back in 2013 for about 1 week.
In the following video you can see my analysis in more detail.

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