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Trader Views from the FXWW Chatroom

Danske Bank Trader Views:MajorsEUR/USD: SHORT 1.2940 PROFIT STOPPED 1.2666, LOOK TO SELL 1.2700/15USD/JPY: POSS SELL FOR 108.25/02GBP/USD: SHORT AT 1.6193 FOR 1.6003; STOP AT 1.6288USD/CHF: LONG AT .9355 FOR .9625, STOP REVISED AT .9480AUD/USD: SELL  BOUNCE TOWARD .8835-.8900USD/CAD: LONG AT 1.1086 FOR 1.1279; REVISED STOP AT 1.1130CrossesEUR/JPY: SELL 138.35 NOT FILLED, POSS SELLEUR/GBP: SHORT AT .7850 […]

US Stocks, Bonds & VIX: the warning signals: by Mary McNamara

US Stocks have made a bad start to the month and, in doing so, have triggered a few warning signals that can’t be ignored. There seems to be some ‘Flight to Safety’ movement out of stocks and into bonds as well. As always, ‘One Swallow Does not a Summer Make’ so, look for weekly confirmation signals. S&P500 […]

London Open – Some USD buying in the early session: by Milan Cutkovic

Dealers are seeing some USD demand in the early EU session Leveraged names have picked up some USD/JPY pre-108.50 and EUR/USD ran into good selling interest around 1.2660 US 10 year yield stands at 2.40, up slightly from the overnight low of 2.385 Looking ahead, we have some data in form of the UK Construction […]

Session Data for Thur Oct 02 (GMT-5:00 ET)

BNP Paribas recommends going long GBP/CHF by Milan Cutkovic

This is a new recommendation from the French bank BNP Paribas: We re-enter long GBP exposure via a GBPCHF buy recommendation. Upward revisions to UK GDP highlight UK economic outperformance. BoE rate expectations are too conservative while GBP positioning is flat. We recommend buying GBPCHF at 1.5489 targeting a move to 1.62 with a stop […]

EUR/CHF – Rumors about SNB activity by Milan Cutkovic

Market is talking that the SNB has been active in the market on the recent dip to 1.2050 There were also rumors the last few times the pair was trading around that level Likely to be false, but speculators are buying on this rumor and the herd behavior is doing the rest  

US stocks: 1st trading day of month by Mary McNamara

The first trading day of the month is often positive for stocks so we shall see how the US navigates this particular day this month. The main US stock indices held above key support levels to see out September but this is no guarantee they will stay that way. I’m on the lookout for signals of […]

Intraday players continue to sell Aussie by Reece Marini

AUDUSD M30 The smart money was seen selling the Aussie during yesterdays trading session on the 1:1 (Purple) at 0.87600 but by the end of the day the market was again looking to test the 1:1 high ahead of the Chinese Manufacturing PMI and Australian retail sales data. The data come in as expected for […]

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