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GBP/USD Trade Idea by Dane Williams

From when we first start trading we are told “follow the trend”, “the trend is your friend” blah blah blah. We’ve all had it told to us and read it in countless articles. It sounds simple enough in theory, but trading isn’t about theory and when a chart looks overstretched, it’s human nature to be […]

The Master Trader Mindset: Trading is a Game by Sam Eder

“I can’t believe I am making all this money to play an elaborate game” – Bill Lipschutz Top traders think differently from the rest and one of the things I have consistently come across in my study of elite traders is that they view trading as a game. And not just any game. A game […]

Session Data for Tue Dec 09 (GMT-5:00 ET)

NZD/USD – Focus on RBNZ this week

NZD/USD has been under pressure today after the Chinese import number missed expectations, but has recovered somewhat since the NY open, driven by overall USD weakness. While techs remain bearish, short-term sentiment is mixed ahead of the RBNZ meeting. The daily RSI suggests the NZD/USD is in oversold territory, but bulls will need a clear […]

Morgan Stanley FX Positioning Update

Morgan Stanley FX Positioning Tracker * Since Monday, December 1, positioning in currencies has shifted.  In the majors, the largest shorts are in CHF and EUR; the biggest long is in USD. * EUR short positioning deepened over the last week.  Our clients and Japanese retail were sellers, while sentiment soured. *GBP positioning moved into short territory […]

RBS Top Themes & Top Trades for 2015

Top Currency Themes and Trades 2015 1. This trend is a credible friend: Short EUR/USD 2. Dollar borrowers are breaking down: Long USD versus MYR, SGD, TWD 3. Long is just so last year. This year, short is in: Short GBP/SEK 4. Old carry habits die hard: Short EUR/INR 5. Structural strength beats cyclical softness. […]

GBP/USD approaching trendline resistance

Cable is heading towards the descending trendline from last week’s highs. Should it break above it, not much resistance seen until the 1.57 level. No specific reason for the GBP short covering this morning, it is rather a result of general USD weakness and short-term positioning in Cable being a bit crowded. We definitely will […]

USD/JPY reverses; look at 120.50 for key support

The revised Japanese GDP data overnight was quite bad, but the reaction in the market short-lived, as the BoJ anticipated this and acted accordingly on October 31th. After a quick spike to 121.80, selling resumed and we’re now almost 100 pips lower from the Asia session high. According to the dealing banks, leveraged funds have […]

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