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BoA Japan: Watch Kuroda Tomorrow‏:Bottom Line: Kuroda is scheduled to speak tomorrow at 11:30am TOK. He will be speaking at Kisaragi-kai which sometimes holds speeches by policy makers. It will last about one hour with Q and A. The discussion title is not announced but last time he spoke last year he talked about economics […]

EUR/USD – €5.3 billion expiry at 1.25 today: by Milan Cutkovic

There are €5.3 billion worth of option expiries for today’s NY cut (10:00 AM NY, 15:00 London), which are likely to keep EUR/USD close to that level, given the lack of Tier 1 data releases. Looking ahead, there are €3bln expiring at 1.25 on Wednesay, as well as €4.5bln on Friday. The post EUR/USD – […]

How to Stop Cutting Your Profits Short by Sam Eder

One of the beautiful things about Forex is that you can get in on trends that just seem to go on and on. But what’s the good in a having a trend if you can’t stick to it? Cutting profits short is one of the cardinal sins would-be Forex traders engage in (another being letting […]

FX: Option expiries for today’s NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London)

USD/JPY: 113.00 (250M)EUR/USD: 1.2500 (4.8BLN), 1.2500 (1.1BLN), 1.2450 (1BLN)AUD/USD: 0.8850 (960M)USD/CHF: 0.9600 (433M) 

Goldman Sachs Spot Desk Intraday Strategies

POSITIONING => We currently favour USD longs across the G10 spectrum (vs EUR, JPY, NZD). In GBPUSD, we’ve rotated from cash into a month-end downside option. Short EURUSD => In EURUSD we like to sell at levels of 1.2520-40, with key levels for the session: On the topside, 1.2530-35 are the Asian highs and support […]

Session Data for Tue Nov 04 (GMT-5:00 ET)

Bear Flag Update: E/U, A/U and Kiwi by Mary McNamara

There have been Bear Flag patterns setting up on the E/U, A/U and Kiwi for some weeks now and the daily candle close today suggests that one of them might be underway. E/U: the E/U has a 1,000 pip Bear Flag brewing and, after already breaking the Bear Flag trend line, another key support level of 1.25 has […]

Yen pairs: excellent technical trading opportunities by Mary McNamara

The Yen pairs have offered excellent technical trading over recent weeks with trend line breaks and the US trading sessions providing the best of these opportunities. The Yen pairs have been ideally suited to trading off shorter time frame charts during the late London and US session as the following 30 min charts show. E/J […]

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