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Swissie: watch the 0.975 level and ‘Handle’ TL by Mary McNamara

I noted earlier today how a new TC signal had triggered off the Swissie during Tuesday night whilst I was sleeping. I mentioned that I would only consider chasing this signal if the Swissie could manage to close above recent highs but price action is getting up close to that region as I type.  Swissie 4hr: price action […]

USDCHF: Now above the monthly cloud. Looking to accelerate? by Jim Langlands

USD/CHF: 0.9725 The dollar is higher again today as it continues its choppy consolidation below the 7 Nov 0.9741 high.The shorter term indicators appear to suggest that the dollar may now have the legs to head higher, where above 0.9741, the targets would be 0.9789 (29 May 2013 high) and eventually 0.9838 (22 May 2013 […]

Session Data for Wed Dec 03 (GMT-5:00 ET)

EURUSD: Back near important support ahead of tomorrows ECB meeting by Jim Langlands

EUR/USD: 1.2377 In the absence of any major news, the Euro has been sliding steadily lower, with little bounce, to sit at session lows at the end of the session, ahead of Thursday’s ECB meeting and it could be that this will continue given that several board members including Draghi, Constancio and Coeure have all […]

GBP/USD – Another Strong Bounce Off 1.5585 Unlikely

GBP/USD is slowly heading towards another test of the 1.5585/90 support area after the pair failed to sustain momentum above 1.57 It previously posted a triple bottom at 1.5585 It’s unlikely we’ll see another significant rally of this support area and I expect to see a breakout soon, which would pave the way for a […]

USD/JPY – Barrier Option At 119.50 + Heavy Offers Pre-120.00

Dealers report offers in front of a 119.50 barrier option, which could slow momentum should we approach towards that level Heavy resistance expected ahead of the 120.00 level; option-related offers & profit-taking interest To the downside, intraday support at 118.80 and then 118.50 The post USD/JPY – Barrier Option At 119.50 + Heavy Offers Pre-120.00 […]

Is Being a Perfectionist Hampering Your Trading? by Sam Eder

One of the problems I have with my trading (and with starting an online business) is that I have a tendency towards wanting everything to be perfect. For my first online business this meant that I spend probably over 50K more than I needed to building a website to a point where it was “perfect”, […]

E/U: what now? by Mary McNamara

The E/U is back trying to tackle the 1.25 level. There is a 6 month bear trend line in this region too and so it won’t be easy going. The USD index is struggling though and any continued weakness there might just give the the E/U the ‘leg up’ it needs.  E/U 4hr: tackling the […]

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