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Citi reestablishes EUR/USD short

We are going short at 1.2771 with a stop loss at 1.3010 and a target of 1.2050-1.2200 (2012 low and 200 month moving average) We are utilizing 20% of capital. –    Daily momentum is now crossing over from overbought levels  four days after a bullish outside day as a continuation EURUSD has failed to make […]

FT – ECB has not put corp bond buying on agenda

According to the Financial Times, the European Central Bank has not yet put the issue of buying corporate bonds on the agenda for its December policy meeting, according to two people familiar with the matter. From the FT: While corporate bond purchases are an option that policy makers have discussed in recent months, one of […]

How to trade what’s in-front of you with market types: A technical lesson by Sam Eder

You know the saying “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”? Van Tharp (A Market Wizard – yep, they are a real thing) has a new definition for traders: “Expecting the same system to work in all market types is the definition of insanity” So as a follow up […]

Gold: Macro shorts unlikely to panic just yet by Sean Lee

The Swiss Government and National Bank have certainly not been in favour of a referendum on Gold reserves, but this looks likely to happen in late November and is a chance of passing. This would prohibit the SNB from selling any more Gold reserves and would force them to up their Gold reserves significantly. We […]

USD/JPY – 106.50 holds on first test by Milan Cutkovic

Dealers report that USD/JPY flows have been light overall, with corporates on the sidelines and price action mostly dictated by leveraged names overnight. Bids around 106.50 have capped the downside so far, but stops through 106.40 look increasingly vulnerable. Should we see a bounce from here, 106.90 and 107.35/40 are the key intraday resistance areas […]

Session Data for Tue Oct 21 (GMT+11:00 AEDT)

Morgan Stanley Trade Idea of the Week: Short EUR/JPY

We see the JPY developing as the new ‘mini-dollar’ with JPY weakness remaining limited due to the changing voices coming from the Japanese authorities. We have suggested selling JPY crosses over the recent weeks. EURJPY remains one cross which has had limited moves recently and therefore provides good risk/reward. We continue to expect EUR weakness […]

EUR/CHF weaker this morning, solid support at 1.2050 by Milan Cutkovic

No particular reason for the EUR/CHF weakness this morning, but dealers are expecting to see very decent bids into 1.2050 and down to 1.2040, which held the last few times. Probably worth picking up some Euro’s here with a 1.2035 stop and 1.2110/20 target. The post EUR/CHF weaker this morning, solid support at 1.2050 appeared […]

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