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EUR update from Goldman Sachs

We got what we were looking for from the ECB and have covered a large portion of our short now that 1.30 failed to break meaningfully.  While the details of the ABS purchase program are still to be hashed out, the headline earlier that mentioned 500bn is substantial.  To put that number into context, the […]

Deutsche Bank: EUR/USD to drop to 1.25 by year-end

It is difficult to pin down what is exactly priced for today’s ECB meeting. Rate cuts and ABS purchases aside (the impact of which is too small to matter), we think markets expect Draghi to signal that large-scale QE has become an even probability by the end of the year. Our expectation is that he […]

Option Expiries – Huge USD/JPY expiries 105.00-105.55 today

Option expiries for today’s NY cut (10:00 ET, 15:00 BST, 14:00 GMT): AUD/USD: 0.9250 (735M), 0.9295 (412M9, 0.9300 (308M) NZD/USD: 0.8400 (280M) USD/CAD: 1.0875 (260M), 1.0890 (405M9, 1.0900 (230M), 1.0920 (655M), 1.0955 (205M), 1.0975 (230M) EUR/USD: 1.3100 (2BLN), 1.3120 (480M), 1.3170 (750M), 1.3200 (503M) EUR/GBP: 0.7945 (175M), 0.7975 (200M), 0.8000 (180M) USD/JPY: 104.65 (750M), 105.00 […]

What is a Carry Trade by Jamie Coleman

All that is needed to understand the carry trade concept is a basic knowledge of foreign exchange and interest rates differentials. Each currency has a different interest rate attached to it determined partly by policy authorities and partly by market demand. When taking a foreign exchange position a trader holds long position one currency and […]

Highlights from the BoJ Press Conference

Bank of Japan Governor Kuroda: Japan economy continues moderate recovery despite decline in demand after sales tax hike Kuroda: Exports showing weakness Kuroda: Private consumption in a firm trend Kuroda: CPI likely to hit 2 % around middle of forecast period between 2014-16 Kuroda: QQE has been exerting its intended effects Kuroda: Will continue with […]

Euro stabilising ahead of the ECB by Jim Langlands

Despite the generally soft EU services PMI’s, position squaring ahead of today’s ECB meeting underpinned the Euro today. It was assisted by a bit of a short squeeze after news of a ceasefire in the Ukraine, although some doubts have since emerged as to the details of this, but the pair ran into sellers at […]

Session Data for Thurs Sept 04 (GMT-5:00 ET)

FX: Daily charts the best to watch at the moment by Mary McNamara

There hasn’t been too much FX movement as traders watch for some major pieces of high impact data to feed into the markets. Key events here are today’s three Central Bank meetings (BoJ, BoE and ECB) and tomorrow’s USD NFP. The USDX and US Stocks continue to hold up well. I’m actually finding the daily charts are […]

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