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FX update: Gold breaks out and U/J struggling by Mary McNamara

The USD is still struggling under the weight of 92.50 resistance. This has allowed some pairs to carve out a bit of a relief bounce/rally today and Gold has actually broken up through a 2 year+ trend line! I have received one new TC signal but here are some major technical levels in play on some pairs that […]

Morgan Stanley Trade Idea of the Week: Long USD/SEK

With the euro area now in deflation and the growth outlook in the region appearing limited at the moment, there are large negative spillover risks into Sweden. For this reason and the potential for resulting accommodation from the Riksbank, we go short SEK this week. We prefer the risk/reward of being short against USD since […]

AUDUSD: Elliott Wave fraternity closely watching 0.82800, See why? by Dane Williams

AUDUSD H4 The Elliott Wave and Gann fraternity will be closely watching the 1:1 (Light Blue) at 0.82800, this 1:1 is the largest correction in this degree and the make or break level for the bears. If the bears fail to keep the market below this important resistance level the short covering is likely continue […]

There is No Point in Setting Trading Goals Unless You Do This Too

We all have a certain return we want to achieve from our trading for the year. A good way to get started on securing that return is to set it as a goal. But setting a return goal on its own is not enough. To be successful, you need to focus on the process behind […]

AUD/USD Trade Idea + Following Momentum by Dane Williams

The big question in my Weekly Trade Preview was which way I would look to play AUD/USD from from a daytrading perspective. I think the open has pretty much given us an answer with a breakout buy trade opportunity presenting itself off the bat. On the hourly you can see AUD/USD broke through it’s swing […]

Session Data for Mon Jan 12 (GMT-5:00 ET)

AUD/USD: Pick a 200 pip range for this week by Sean Lee

The downtrend in AUD/USD is quite strong but it’s already come a long way and the AUD looks reasonably strong on the crosses especially against the European currencies. That sounds like a recipe for range trading and I’d use this mornings opening levels at .8200 as a mid-point for the week. There is short-term resistance […]

Important decisions looming this week for ECB QE

From Barclays research: The European Court of Justice (ECJ) opinion will have crucial implications for government bond purchases by the ECB and the outlook for the euro. On Wednesday, the Advocate General of the ECJ will publish his opinions on a list of questions raised by the German Constitutional Court (GCC) regarding the Outright Monetary […]

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