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Gold heading for another $1250 test by Milan Cutkovic

Gold has been well-bid in the past few days as expectations about Fed rate hikes have been pushed further away, with some even questioning whether the QE programme will indeed end this month. Until we’ll see clearer signals from the Fed, USD bulls will probably remain wary and given the crowded positioning, we could see […]

Citibank FX Positioning Update

Citi: FX Positioning Indicator: Crowded Short CAD Active currency managers increased their short positioning in CAD further this past week. The Positioning Indicator value is now at three, indicating short CAD at 3x normal exposure. The managers have clearly benefited from the recent USDCAD gains as they have been mostly long this pair since June, […]

Updates via the FXWW Chatrooms

Credit Suisse:Today’s highlights:USDCAD trend stays higher to retest channel and Fibonacciprojection targets at 1.1421/30 next then medium-term channelresistance at 1.1559.EURUSD remains in a corrective phase, but while below 1.2996/3001the medium-term trend remains bearish.EURGBP continues to find a ceiling at .8066/67 and we look for themedium-term downtrend to try and resume.EURJPY has completed a small base, […]

Citi Trade Idea of the Week: Long CAD/JPY

Citibank recommends buying CADJPY at 95.13 with 93.90 stop and 96.95 target. The post Citi Trade Idea of the Week: Long CAD/JPY appeared first on www.forextell.com.

London Open – Equities to open higher; USD/JPY bid: by Milan Cutkovic

The big story overnight was that the GPIF is to increase it’s allocation for domestic equities to 25 %, higher than the market previously expected. This led to a rally in the Nikkei and the index closed 4 % higher on the day. Meanwhile, S&P 500 and DAX futures gained 0.40 % so far. In […]

Looking to buy USDJPY on intraday dips by Reece Marini

USDJPY Daily I mentioned a few days back that after this market found support on an important  1:1 (a current correction that is of equal length to a prior correction in this case purple) and 50 fibo buying was likely to continue in the coming days and so far this is what we have seen […]

FX: Option expiries for today’s NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London)

AUD/USD: 0.8600 (1.8BLN), 0.8700 (131M),0.8800 (338M), 0.8850 (1BLN)NZD: 0.7900 (146M), 0.7935 (200M), 0.7950 (402M), 0.8000 (978M)CAD: 1.1135 (260M), 1.1260 (190M),1.1280 (120M)EUR/USD: 1.2550 (1.12BLN), 1.2580 (271M), 1.2680 (304M), 1.27 (203M),1.2725 (597M), 1.2750-55 (530M), 1.2775 (542M),1.2790-1.2800 (450M), 1.2850(460M)GBP/USD: 1.6000 (933M), 1.6190-1.6200 (328M)EUR/GBP: 0.7915 (136M), 0.8040 (120M).    EUR/JPY: 136.00 (778M)USD/JPY: 105.50 (667M), 106.25 (2.5BLN), 106.75 (1.37BLN), 107.20 (400M), 107.50(503M) 

For those who still haven’t had a free trial in the FXWW Chatroom on Reuters Messenger…

If you like plenty of bank research and analysis, then you will love the FXWW Chatroom. If you haven’t trialled it before, then go to http://www.fxww.com/chatroom-trial/. For more detailed information, go to http://www.fxww.com/fxww-product/chatroom/. We can only manage a limited number at a time, so it will be a case of first-come-first-served for the first 20 […]

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