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Session Data for Thur Oct 30 (GMT-5:00 ET)

SNB comments on the upcoming Gold ref by Milan Cutkovic

Switzerland will vote soon on a referendum that wants the SNB to keep 20 % of its assets in Gold. SNB officials were again on the wires earlier this morning, saying that if the referendum passes, it would hurt the SNB’s ability to do it’s job. Here are the comments from SNB Governing Board member […]

Fed ends QE – Highlights from the FOMC Statement

Fed ends QE program Policy to be appropriate for considerable time Fed says market-based mesures of inflation compensation have declined somewhat, measures of longer-term inflation expectations have remained stable Fed says range of labor market indicators suggests underutilization of labor resources gradually diminishing Fed says timing of increases in Fed funds rate will depend on […]

Updates from the FXWW Chatroom today

GS:  EUR from trading – A quiet day is likely as we head towards the FOMC, with position shuffling the main source of flow. FOMC is a tough call, I think a broadly neutral outcome is the most likely scenario though nuanced hints in either direction will cause movement. Arguably people expect Yellen to maintain […]

Are you structuring your trading month for success? by Sam Eder

Good trading, like anything else, requires proper research, planning, and execution. A prepared trader can implement a structure to make this happen. Too many traders treat trading as a pastime and not a serious business. They dabble at this and that because it’s interesting, and the leave the real work on the sidelines. But if […]

FX: Option expiries for today’s NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London)

USD/JPY: 108.00 (1.4BLN). Note 800 more on Wed’ and 2.8bln 107.65 Thurs’NZD/USD: 0.7900 (650M). Note – 564mln tomorrow and 1.1bln ThursdayUSD/CAD: 1.1200 (575M), 1.1215-20 (500M). Tomorrow sees 650mln 1.1250EUR/USD: 1.2700 (447M). 3BLN tomorrow between 1.2700-25GBP/USD: Wed’s sees 825mln at 1.62 and Thursday 1.6100 in 568mln 

FX Majors & Crosses trade ideas via the FXWW Chatroom

Danske:MajorsEUR/USD: POSS BUY 1.2715/00 FOR 1.2810/15USD/JPY: LONG AT 107.30 FOR 109.25; STOP 107.35GBP/USD: LONG AT 1.6140 FOR 1.6287; STOP AT 1.6080USD/CHF: LOOK TO BUY .9440/35AUD/USD: LONG AT .8820 FOR .8970; STOP AT .8780USD/CAD: LONG AT 1.1205 FOR 1.1418 STOP AT 1.1145CrossesEUR/JPY: LONG AT 136.80 FOR REVISED 138.54; STOP AT 136.48EUR/GBP: SHORT AT .7920 FOR .7851 […]

A look at the EURX ahead of FOMC by Mary McNamara

The EURX is having a good month so far and, although there are still three trading days before the month closes and FOMC to get through, it is currently printing the first bullish monthly candle for five months.   This gain has come mostly at the expense of a stagnating USD. Thus, FOMC has the potential […]

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