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Barclays: Shifting from short EUR/JPY to short EUR/GBP and EUR/USD

Our conviction in selling the EUR has only increased, but the deterioration in Japan’s economic circumstances and improved tactical opportunities in the USD and GBP lead us to a change in our preferred line-up on the long side. A worsening economic outlook and more rapid disinflation in the euro area imply that ECB accommodation will […]

Aug 22 Positions Update

Open orders EURCHF – Still marginally positive as buyers keep the rate buoyed above the 1.21 handle. Note this is a multi-week play, so I am expecting to hold the positions into Sept. GBPCAD (new) – Went long GBPCAD at the 50% fib retrac of the last leg up, and I just added a small […]

SocGen expecting slightly dovish tone from Yellen

From Societe Generale: This year’s Jackson Hole Economic Policy Symposium will begin on this evening. Policymakers and academics will spend two days “Re-Evaluating Labor Market Dynamics” – which is the topic of this year’s conference. The topic is at the heart of the current policy debate and the key consideration in the timing of policy normalization. The […]

TC Update.

Thurs 21st Aug USD Index: this has stalled now ahead of the Jackson Hole Symposium: TC Signals: The three TC signals have yielded up to 215 pips now. E/U: has moved on to give up to 100 pips: E/J: has now closed above the daily 200 EMA. This TC signal has delivered up to 50 pips: […]

FXWW Chatroom updates today

CIBC:Euro took out the 1.3250 barrier – traders witnessed good demand from 1.3255 to 50 but selling was overwhelming. The next layer of bids are at 1.3225, however keep an eye on 1.3200. I am told there is a digital option there which is larger than the one at 1.3330. Sell orders are placed above […]

EUR/USD – Good support ahead of 1.32

Almost everyone is bearish on the Euro and there are plenty of reasons to be…however, there is solid support ahead of the 1.32 level, so bears might pause a bit ahead of the Yellen speech tomorrow afternoon. 1.3228 = 61.8 % Fibo of the July 2013-May 2014 rally Dealers in Asia reported solid bids 1.3220-30 […]

FX: Option expiries for today’s NY cut 10:00 ET

Option expiries for today’s NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London) according to data from DTCC: AUD/USD: 0.9250 (402M), 0.9290 (130M), 0.9350-60 (297M) USD/CAD: 1.0945 (420M) USD/JPY: 103.00 (884M), 103.35 (580M),103.65-75 (260M) EUR/USD: 1.3200 (874M),1.3220 (370M), 1.3260 (606M), 1.3300 (1.5BLN) EUR/GBP: 0.7970 (280M), 0.7985 (250M), 0.8000 (686M) Notable are 103.00 in USD/JPY, 1.32 and 1.3260 in […]

AUD/NZD: Look to play 1.1025/1.1100 in short-term

The channel top in AUD/NZD at 1.1100 held nicely this morning and the bulls out there will be a little worried. I have the feeling that AUD/USD might have a serious test of .9200 later tonight and that should have some impact on the cross. That said, the recent trend has been bullish in AUD/NZD […]

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