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USD/JPY – Barrier Option At 119.50 + Heavy Offers Pre-120.00

Dealers report offers in front of a 119.50 barrier option, which could slow momentum should we approach towards that level Heavy resistance expected ahead of the 120.00 level; option-related offers & profit-taking interest To the downside, intraday support at 118.80 and then 118.50 The post USD/JPY – Barrier Option At 119.50 + Heavy Offers Pre-120.00 […]

Is Being a Perfectionist Hampering Your Trading? by Sam Eder

One of the problems I have with my trading (and with starting an online business) is that I have a tendency towards wanting everything to be perfect. For my first online business this meant that I spend probably over 50K more than I needed to building a website to a point where it was “perfect”, […]

E/U: what now? by Mary McNamara

The E/U is back trying to tackle the 1.25 level. There is a 6 month bear trend line in this region too and so it won’t be easy going. The USD index is struggling though and any continued weakness there might just give the the E/U the ‘leg up’ it needs.  E/U 4hr: tackling the […]

Session Data for Tue Dec 02 (GMT-5:00 ET)

Picking Tops and Bottoms Can Be Done, but It Takes a Few Attempts by Sam Eder

“I believe the very best money is made at the market turns. Everyone says you get killed trying to pick tops and bottoms, and you make all your money by playing the trend in the middle. Well, for twelve years, I have been missing the meat in the middle, but I have made a lot […]

EUR/USD Rejected Off 1.25 After Strong ISM PMI by Milan Cutkovic

EUR/USD briefly traded above the 1.25 level, but is now back at 1.2480 after the stronger than expected US Non-Manufacturing PMI print. However, the Euro remains well bid and a daily close above 1.25 could pave the way for a further short squeeze towards the 1.2590/1.26 resistance area. Dealers saw good demand from leveraged names […]

Citi FX Flows Monitor – London Open

We have seen very high turnover in AUDUSD, with all of our client segments participating. At the moment, theirs is no bias in our flow. Overall, we have seen small net USD demand in G10 FX, but it’s not enough to get too excited about. –    EURUSD: Turnover low; bias 52% in favor of buying –    USDJPY: […]

USDJPY: Dollar remains firm but below recent highs. Overbought dailies suggest caution by Jim Langlands

USD/JPY: 118.60 The mixed Japanese data kept the pressure on the Yen heading into the weekend and pointed to the need for ongoing QQE, although the thin US conditions ensured that the dollar could not find the legs to take out the recent 118.98 high. While the dailies remain very overbought and therefore warrant a […]

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