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As volatility increases per-FOMC, look for buy-dip opportunities in EUR crosses by Sean Lee

It’s too much of a gamble in my view to trade USD positions around FOMC time so I prefer to trade the crosses. Anytime the USD sees some major volatility, we will tend to see the crosses move hard and fast and some will obviously outpace others. This will give rise to some excellent opportunities, […]

Session Data for Wed Oct 29 (GMT-5:00 ET)

USD weaker ahead of FOMC. Risk appetite seen on FX & stocks by Mary McNamara

Risk appetite improved a bit during the US session: for stocks it was based on some positive earnings and for FX it seems due to a weaker USD.  The main risk event in the next 24 hours is the FOMC statement. This has the potential to trigger a strong swing in the USD and so traders […]

USD/CAD – Flows Update

USDCAD is not trading well. We have seen a high level of turnover, with selling accounting for 55% of our flow. The bulk of the supply is from leveraged and real money names.  According to Precdicted Markets, “there have been 25 times since October 2012 when – as is now the case – USDCAD has […]

Morgan Stanley FX Positioning Update

Since Monday, October 20, positioning in currencies has shifted. In the majors, the largest short is in CHF; the biggest long is in USD. – EUR short positioning deepened over the week. Noncommercial IMM accounts and Japanese retail were both sellers, while sentiment became more bearish. – GBP positioning moved into short territory from neutral. […]

Larger option expiries in the next two days by Milan Cutkovic

According to Reuters data, in USD/JPY there is a $800 million expiry at 108.00 tomorrow and $2.8 billion at 107.65 on Thursday. In NZD/USD, NZ$564 million tomorrow at 0.79 and $1.1 billion on Thursday. In USD/CAD, C$650 million at 1.1250 tomorrow. In EUR/USD, €3bln tomorrow between 1.2700-25. In GBP/USD, £825 million tomorrow at 1.62 and […]

FX: Option expiries for today’s NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London)

USD/JPY: 107.30 (600M), 107.40-50 (432M), 108.00 (1.27BLN)NZD/USD: 0.7900 (400M)USD/CAD: 1.1200 (575M), 1.1215-20 (500M), 1.1350 (450M)EUR/USD: 1.2650 (750M), 1.2700 (437M) 

Updates from the FXWW Chatroom today

Citi: global overview: Our EM flows highlight a renewed interest by investors, with most of the buying concentrated in EM Asian FX and selectively across CEEMEA (TRY & ZAR). Our LatAm strategists note that the Dilma victory in Brazil is not fully in the BRL and we could expect further BRL selling in the following […]

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