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Cable: Weekly close below 1.70 would certainly trouble the bulls; 1.6970/1.7020 daily parameters

Long GBP has been the trade of choice (along with long NZD) amongst professional traders over the last 6 months. The big macro players are still very long and I suspect that they may start re-assessin …
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A Study In day trading, cooler heads prevail

An interesting read if you keep hitting your computer screen!
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Some order info on the EUR/USD from the FXWW chat room

EURO-DOLLAR: MNI Fundamental levels (orders, options, technicals), *$1.3580 Offers on approach *$1.3572 T-line off May highs *$1.3550 Medium offers/$1.3549 Jul21 high *$1.3523-30 76.4% $1.3549-1.3438/ …
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UK GDP in line with expectations

0.8 % MoM and 3.1 % YoY Cable little changed on this The post UK GDP in line with expectations appeared first on www.forextell.com.
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Keep an eye on NZD/JPY as Kiwi remains weak

Kiwi long is probably still one of the more crowded positions in the FX space and one pair that we should pay attention to right now is NZD/JPY. It’s, along with AUD/JPY, the most popular carry trad …
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German IFO 108.0 vs 109.4 f/c

EUR/USD lower on this, approaching 1.3650 support The post German IFO 108.0 vs 109.4 f/c appeared first on www.forextell.com.
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Weak stops below 136.000 in EURJPY

Weak stops below 136.000 in EURJPY
EURJPY Daily The 1:1 (Yellow) that offered solid support for the bulls back on the 04/02/14 is now under threat with a number of weak stops likely sitting under 136.000. A break below the 1:1 (Yellow) …
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E/U and that break of the 1.35.

Wed 23rd July (9 pm) Much is being made of the E/U breaking down through the 1.35 level. This is certainly bearish and follows on from the break down through a weekly trend line support that had been …
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