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EUR/CHF – Strong bids reported at 1.2019-21

The Morgan Stanley FX Heatmap is picking up bids in good size from 1.2021 down to 1.2019. For more institutional order flow updates, see http://www.fxww.com/fxww-product/chatroom/ The post EUR/CHF – Strong bids reported at 1.2019-21 appeared first on www.forextell.com.

London Open – Nikkei up 2 %; JPY offered by Milan Cutkovic

It has been a rather quiet Asian session in FX, with flows in the major pairs light, aside from USD/JPY. After we have seen some JPY short covering yesterday, demand for USD/JPY picked up at the NY open and the pair has remained well-bid throughout the past two sessions. This was supported by the Nikkei, […]

Gold: could chop around until the end of the month! by Mary McNamara

Gold looks to be trying to form a base at key support offered by the $ 1,145 level which is the region of the 61.8% fib of the last major swing high move of 2008-2011. Gold ‘Bulls’ and ‘Bears’ could conceivably battle this level out until the November candle closes.  Gold monthly: the 61.8% fib / […]

Session Data for Tue Nov 11 (GMT-5:00 ET)

GOLD: Smart money selling as 1180.00 resistance holds by Reece Marini

GOLD M5 The smart money has been seen selling intraday 1:1 rallies as the 1180.00 resistance level attracts solid selling interest from the bears. The level to watch in the sessions ahead is the 1:1 (Pink) at 1156.00, if this level can continue to attract selling interest from the Elliot Wave fraternity look for overnight […]

GBPUSD: More choppy trade likely ahead of BOE QIR report, jobs data, tomorrow by Jim Langlands

GBP/USD: 1.5847 Having made it to 1.5915 yesterday, cable turned and headed lower once again and currently sits at around session lows of 1.5840. Expect more of the same consolidation today without too much direction although the overall theme of selling into strength remains the preferred strategy.1.5880 and 1.15915 will again provide the resistances to […]

What to do When the Price Gets Close to Your Profit Target and Does Not Hit It by Sam Eder

Have you ever been in a trade that has gone to within a few pips of your profit target and then reversed all the way back down and hit your stop loss? Not a pleasant experience at all! But fortunately if you use this simple technique it’s not one that you will have to suffer […]

USD/JPY bounces despite weak equities by Milan Cutkovic

USD/JPY is rallying and has triggered stops above 114.50, despite the weak performance of equities markets today. The Nikkei closed the day 0.60 % lower and the European indices had a mixed day, while the S&P 500 is currently slightly in the red. Dealers note that leveraged names were the main sellers on the move […]

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