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CAD/JPY: a review by Mary McNamara

I was asked my opinion about the CAD/JPY but this isn’t a pair that I chart or watch. I offered to have a look though and this is my humble technical view on this pair at the moment. CAD/JPY monthly: I’m noticing a few things here and think a point form response is best: fibs […]

AudUsd: Looking very heavy. China data tomorrow, in focus

AUD/USD: 0.8925 Having made an early attempt to regain 0.9000 on Friday, the Aud gave up in the face of strong selling interest and headed lower for the rest of the session, seeing virtually no bounce and closing just above the new trend low at 0.8920.There is not too much domestic data due this week so traders […]

Barclays trade for the week: Still like the EUR/GBP short trade

Short EURGBP: With the Scottish referendum behind us, the market will re-focus on economic fundamentals, and relative economic/monetary policy outlook favours shorting EURGBP. Our technical strategist notes that the consolidation phase of the past two months has resolved bearishly, in line with the prevailing downward trend and our greater bearish view, and expects further weakness […]


EURGBP: 0.7875 Having taken out the stops above 0.8040 the previous week in spiking up to 0.8065, the cross then spent last week chopping around just under 0.8000 before collapsing ahead of the Scottish vote, trading down to a low of 0.7810 and then bouncing, to close at 0.7875. With the vote now out of the way, […]

USD still running the FX show: Trade Week Analysis 22/09/14 by Mary McNamara

Last week:  It was a good week for Trade Charting with three valid TC signals yielding a maximum of 660 pips: GBP/JPY = 580 pips, GBP/USD = 120 pips and the A/J = -40 pips. These three signals were posted just after forming up on their respective 4hr candles.  As well as these TC signal […]

USDX higher BUT still under resistance: FX Indices Review 22/09/14 by Mary McNamara

USDX Monthly: The September candle is still large and bullish and above the resistance of the 61.8% fib of the last major swing bear move 2010-2011 and the monthly 200 EMA. It is still butting up against the next wave of major resistance from the 78.6% fib and the monthly chart’s bear triangle trend line […]

NASDAQ & some of its stocks reviewed by Mary McNamara

Sat 20th Sept I saw some CNBC trading commentary on the NASDAQ this morning and, given I have previously reviewed the S&P500, DJIA, the DAX and Canada’s TSX, I thought I would have a closer look at this index. The NASDAQ is lagging it’s S&P500 and DJIA partner indices in that it has not printed a […]

FX update: just one TC signal but 370 pips! by Mary McNamara

TC Signal: The one valid TC signal so far this week on the GBP/JPY has now given up to 370 pips. New TC Signals off my 7 am candle: A/J: the A/J is above the Cloud on the daily and in the Cloud on the 4hr chart. A small move higher would make this new TC […]

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