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Session Data for Wed Sept 17th (GMT-5:00 ET)

FX: Option expiries for today’s NY cut 10:00ET

* EUR/USD: $1.2840(E728mn), $1.2890-900(E580mn), $1.2995-00(E546mn)* USD/JPY Y106.50($200mn), Y107.00($356mn)* EUR/JPY: Y138.00-10(E200mn), Y139.00(E302mn)* EUR/GBP: stg0.7970(E612mn), stg0.7975(E2.1bn), stg8015-20(E750mn)* USD/CHF: Chf0.9300($1.2bn)* AUD/USD: $0.9000(A$200mn), $0.9100(A$862mn), $0.9150(A$261mn)* USD/CAD: C$1.0950($323mn), C$1.1125($174mn), C$1.1150($506mn)(Rtrs+DTCC) some large E/stg expiries in there 

Todays updates from the FXWW Chatroom

Credit Suisse: Today’s trades/positions: EURUSD: Short at 1.2950, stop above 1.2990, for 1.2790. USDJPY: Buy at 106.80, stop below 106.35, for 109.25. GBPUSD: Short at 1.6230/80, stop above 1.6345, for 1.6005. USDCHF: Flat, buy at .9305/00, stop below .9275, for .9400. AUDUSD: Took profit at .8985. Sell at .9080, stop above .9145 for.8895. NZDUSD: Took […]

USD/JPY – Further consolidation pre-FOMC likely by Milan Cutkovic

USD/JPY has been caught in a 50 pips range since the Asia open last Friday Dealers are reporting that local importers are keeping their bids close, hence good support at 106.80-90 To the topside, option-related supply noted pre-107.50 Specs not keen to chase this higher ahead of the key USD event this week Pair is […]

EUR/AUD – 1.4590 test eyed by Milan Cutkovic

EUR/AUD had a solid bounce off the 1.43 support level yesterday While the longer-term EUR outlook remains without doubt negative, short positioning is at extreme levels which is making a continuation of the downtrend more difficult On the other side, AUD positioning is still mildly long and if the FOMC will indeed be hawkish tomorrow, […]

USD/CAD: consolidating ahead of FOMC too : by Mary McNamara

In the same way that the USD index is consolidating under major resistance so, too, is the USD/CAD. This pair is trading under a major bear trend line dating back almost 13 years. Any bullish close and hold above this bear trend line would support the triangle breakout move worth up to 2,500 pips. USD/CAD […]

Scottish Referendum: How is GBP likely to react by Sean Lee

Over the last 2 weeks we have seen cable trade in a very volatile 600 pip range between 1.6050/1.6650. The market had been building big GBP long positions across the board but reports that the referendum was much closer than expected, and that a Yes vote to independence would see the GBP drop by 10/15%, […]

For the GBP/CAD watchers out there! by Mary McNamara

I was just asked via Twitter whether I thought a Cup ‘n’ Handle might be setting up on the monthly GBP/CAD so I thought I’d share this analysis here. The monthly chart does seem to be setting up with a Cup ‘n’ Handle of sorts but it is a bit wonky. This makes it hard […]

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