Slightly different (Jan 4)

At the beginning of the year we like to set goals. My goal remains the same. To produce a 2% profit each and every month (or 25% per year). For 2015 it did not work as I was expecting it, but I am certain that for 2016 I am well prepared. On my 15000$ trading account that I display on my site, a 2% per month represents a profit of 300 dollars (or 70$ per week). I trade using 0,10 lot size so a 70 pip profit per week is enough to achieve my goal.  Let’s see how it goes !!!I took my statistic tool and did some modifications to display the profits and losses of all currencies and pairs for 2014 and 2015. As you can see some of the pairs (like the Usd/Jpy) practically closed at the same levels for 2015. The big loser of the year is the CAD that closed 1355 pips lower than last year mainly because of dramatic drop of Oil price. The winner was the GBP with 900 pips (according to my tool that considers all pairs equal).


I am not going to recommend any trades since we do not know how the market is going to react on Monday. It is wiser to wait for the FOMC report on Wednesday and the NFP report on Friday that will set the pace for the month.


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