Stock Index Weekly Market Type Analysis

Each week I review the current market type and fundamental considerations on a variety of stock and commodity indices. Market type analysis is critical to trade planning.  

MT = Market Type ( See lesson 8 in the Share Investing Course for Smart People)

  • US Dow Jones – MT is sideways normal. We have a little double top formed here, which was confirmed last week. Look to sell.
  • US S&P 500 – MT is bull quiet. The bearish pattern is slightly in play here too, but it is not strong.  Buy with caution.
  • US Nasdaq – MT is bull normal. Continue to buy with caution.
  • US Russell 2000 – MT is bull normal. Looking quite strong compared to other US Indices continue to buy.
  • UK 100 – MT is sideways normal.  As anticipated we are now in a sideways market type. Wait.
  • Europe  50 – MT is bull volatile. Prefer to wait for stronger signals.
  • Germany 30 – MT is bull volatile. Last weeks sell-off has turned it into a volatile market type. Wait.
  • France 40 – MT is sideways normal. Careful here.
  • Italy 40 – MT is sideways normal. Be cautious.
  • Spain 35 – MT is sideways normal. Be cautious.
  • Swiss 20 –  MT is bull normal. Continue to buy but with caution as turning sideways.
  • Netherlands 25 – MT is sideways normal. Be cautious.
  • Japan 225 – MT is strong bull. Strong bull is continuing, keep buying.
  • Honk Kong 33 – MT is bull volatile. Last week’s “brave sell” has had some follow though but we are sitting at support. Wait for clearer signals.
  • Singapore 30 – MT is just sideways volatile. Singapore is selling off heavily after failing at 400. Go short with caution.
  • Australia 200 – MT is sideways volatile. One more down weak puts us in a bear market type.
  • Gold – MT is sideways normal. Wait.
  • Gold vs EURO – MT is sideways normal. Wait.
  • Silver – MT is sideways normal. Wait
  • Silver vs EURO – MT is sideways normal. Wait but very close to a sell.
  • Copper – MT is bear volatile. The sell we identified continues to play out. Look short.
  • Brent Oil – MT is bear volatile. Signals are mixed prefer to wait.
  • WTI Oil – MT is sideways normal. Waiting for now.
  • US 30 year Bonds – MT is sideways volatile. Heavily selling last week. Volatile market so stay out.
  • US 10 year Bonds – MT is bear normal. Technically a bear normal, but very volatile so advise caution and scaling in short.
  • German 10 year Bonds – MT is sideways volatile. Wait for things to settle down.
  • UK 10 year Bonds – MT is Bear normal. As with US 10 year bonds above.

About the Author

Sam Eder is the author of the Share Investing Course for Smart People. He is the founder and head trader at market beating stock investing service SpoonFed Investor. If you like his writing you can subscribe to his newsletter.

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