The Value of a Mentor


Forex trading is never a straight path.

The only thing that stays the same is change. Successful traders embrace this: they ride the ups and downs, hanging on tight and doing their best to steer in the direction of their dreams.

One thing that can help you along the way is being able to walk the path side-by-side with a mentor.

While trading is more internal than external, there is no denying the importance of the role a good coach can play in helping you to achieve your goals.

A coach can challenge your perceptions, push you to be better and make sure you take less wrong turns down the winding path to successful trading. They can help you to develop the right mind-set and promote consistency in your trading activities.

Importantly, they can also show you what to do. You can learn trading methods that are logical and sound, with a high probability of success.

They are the personal expert at your side, watching what you do, providing feedback and nudging you in the right direction.

As requested by you

This was backed up in our survey results. An overwhelming number of traders suggested that having a mentor was a major priority for them. Luckily, we are now in a position to offer a one-on-one coaching option at a very reasonable rate.

Our experienced trading coach, Justin Paolini, has already been coaching a number of our members. His objective is to help you achieve consistency as soon as possible.

In June he has two spots coming available.

His mentorship style is intense with two sessions a month, weekly homework and one-on-one email support.  It can take as little as one month with him to become consistent but this depends on your experience level.  For most traders, Justin recommends a three month coaching program to achieve optimal results.

Through coaching Justin will:

  • Analyze your personal situation and identify any potential impediments
  • Show you what not to do. Thomas Edison found 2000 ways to NOT make a lightbulb before finding the one way that worked. In the same way, Justin has found uncountable ways to not be successful in the markets and can quickly identify whether you’re headed for one.
  • Show you exactly how he trades via his rule-based approach.


Here is some feedback from one of his students.

I have now concluded my 2 month coaching session with Justin, and just wanted to let you have some feedback.

I have found Justin very helpful in the two months I have been mentored/coached by him. We both look at fundamentals in a similar way and apply them to trading so this provided a good start to the coaching and we had a lot to talk about.

Justin showed me a brand new technique/ trading model, which I am now adapting to and using to formulate the majority of my trades. I have still not mastered the technique as of yet, but I understand it and I like the way it works and the rational behind it. Trend following encompassing shorter term time frames is something I wanted to learn and expand upon and Justin brought that into my trading life though these mentoring and coaching sessions.

I like the way he looks at the markets and I can understand his pattern of thought when his is explaining things to me, which is very important I think. Its helped me see trades clearly.

I like the way his model plays strong vs weak always trading with the trends not against them, and the way he uses the crosses a lot and not only the majors. Prior to speaking to Justin I myself only traded the majors and didn’t really keep a close eye on the crosses that much.”

If you are interested in considering one of the two coaching spots available in June with Justin, please click on the following link to register for an obligation-free initial consultation where you can ask him all your question.

Register your interest for a coaching spot

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