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HK source.. Looks like some good bids piled up in UsdJpy near 119.00 
E/$.. am told sharp guy sold at $1.1388… CIBC HK mentioned decent sell interest between $1.1390/1.1410 in his note.. should we break got a near term tech target at $1.1428(1.618% swing $1.1290-1.1066) ahead of those Feb highs around $1.1450…Citi mention the large CTA short positions held in E/$ and see any further unwinding possibly fuelling a rise on to $1.1500….we shall see 
AUD/USD: Big battle going on today with 1 local bank and 1 US bank buying in very large size whilst macro HFs have been selling almost equal amounts. Looks like we will have a big battle for supremacy either side of this .8125 level in coming sessions 
GREEK FINANCE MINISTER SAYS GREECE’S REPAYMENT OF DEBT TO ECB OVER JULY/AUGUST SHOULD BE PUSHED BACK.  Noted yesterday calls for an additional Eurogroup meeting with next scheduled meeting 18th June (talk was May 22nd). Note ahead of that June meeting 5th June IMF E301m, 12th June TBill E3.6bln, 16th June IMF E564m with 19th June IMF E338m. Key dates for bond payments 20 Jul in E3.491bln and 20 Aug in E3.188bln.  CORRECTED-GREEK FINANCE MINISTER SAYS GREECE’S REPAYMENT OF DEBT TO ECB AFTER (NOT OVER) JULY/AUGUST SHOULD BE PUSHED BACK – RTRS

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