Tuesday: summing up

Earlier today I posted some charts that were on my radar for Tuesday’s trading session. Some of these triggered new trade signals and two other pairs kicked in as well. The before and after shots of the 30 min charts show how these TC signals panned out.

FWIW: I’m still grappling with trading off the shorter time frame charts. In particular, working out Risk:Reward ratios (and if they’re needed when scalping!), STOPs, Profit Targets…..basically the whole deal…. LOL! Any thoughts/comments here would be appreciated.

E/U: this is still going but so far has given 55 pips:

eu30min eu30mincloud

E/J: this was a surprise one but ended up being the best with up to 120 pips so far:

ej30min ej30mincloud

Kiwi: hasn’t done much yet:

kiwi30min kiwi30mincloud

EUR/CAD: this only gave 30 pips before bouncing off recent support This support zone is shown in the 4hr chart and will be the level to watch tomorrow, or later today, for any make or break. Any break and hold below this S/R zone will have me looking for a test of the daily chart’s bottom triangle trend line:

ec30min ec30mincloud



Gold: did nothing:

gold30min gold30mincloud


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