UK Update: FXWW

From the FXWW Chatroom – According to UK media, Brexit deal is looking positive. The Telegraph on Saturday wrote EU is preparing to offer Theresa May a “supercharged” free trade deal but will reject Mrs May’s demands for frictionless trade. The offer will be put to British negotiators on Wednesday, is said to contain “30 to 40 per cent” of the demands made in Mrs May’s Chequers proposal. Ireland’s Europe Minister suggested on Friday that a deal could be done “in the next 10 days”. Then, The Sunday Telegraph posted that senior members of the Conservatives’ 60-strong European Research Group have told newspaper they would support EU officials being stationed at UK ports after Brexit to break the impasse with Brussels. They would also support the Government enforcing EU rules on goods exported to the bloc by firms in this country. Brexiteers regard both proposals as a significant concession to help avoid a “hard” border with Northern Ireland, while paving the way for a much looser relationship with the EU than under the “common rulebook” envisaged by Theresa May’s Chequers plan. Jacob Rees-Mogg said he would be prepared to support them to help to minimise friction in trade while allaying European concerns about compromising the single market. However, The Sunday Times has written that some members of ERG issued a last-ditch threat to vote down the budget and destroy the government unless PM May takes a tougher line with Brussels. The paper also said four cabinet ministers are planning to resign together in a bid to force her out. May will travel to Brussels on Oct 18 for a crunch meeting with the other 27 EU leaders to decide if a Brexit deal can be done. A survey by Opinium for the Observer showed that Theresa May is held in far higher regard by voters as a leader and a person than Boris Johnson. Not only do voters from all parties, including the Conservatives, clearly prefer May to Johnson as a Tory leader, but they also see the prime minister as more decent, decisive and trustworthy than the former foreign secretary.
Scottish National party could support a second referendum on Brexit if there were guarantees Scotland could also hold another vote on independence. In Herald Scotland, new opinion poll has found that 50% of voters would back Scottish independence in a referendum after the UK leaves the European Union

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