US stocks: tech patterns worth stalking: By Mary McNamara

My preferred strategy with stocks is to watch for breakouts from technical patterns before taking any trades. I will often start the trade by selling Puts and then, if assigned, I sell Calls and keep the cycle going as price ratchets higher. In this post I offer examples of breakout trades that have been effective and then offer some charts that I think are worth stalking for new potential breakout opportunity.

Technical Pattern breakouts that have delivered gain:

BRK monthly: this breakout has given almost 50% gain:

BRK before:

BRK after:

QQQ monthly: this has taken 12 months since I alerted the breakout but has given 30% gain:

QQQ before:

QQQ after:

NTAP weekly: there was a 50% gain from this breakout:

NTAP before:

NTAP after:

CONN weekly: there has been a roughly 50% gain since this breakout triggered:

CONN before:

CONN after:

HRL weekly: this breakout triggered last month and has already delivered a 17% gain:

HRL before:

HRL after:

WGO weekly: You need a lot of patience though as I started stalking this pair back in late 2014.  However, the breakout eventually did trigger and has given a huge 120% gain:

WGO before:

WGO after:

New Technical patterns to monitor:

FCX weekly:

ANF weekly:

APOL weekly:

ALSK monthly:

AKS weekly:

AMD weekly:

BBBY monthly:

CPB weekly: note the bounce off the 61.8% fib:

DB weekly:

GE weekly: I’m watching to see if the 61.8% fib helps here:

M weekly:

PTNR weekly:

TWTR weekly:

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