Wednesday 12th: radar today

In a weird twist of irony I have woken to see there has already been some decent FX movement during the Asian session, however, there are still a few pairs on my radar for today. There are two Fed speeches and FOMC Minutes later today that might get things moving but perhaps more so during the later European and US session.

E/U: watching if the whole number of 1.10 might offer support.


E/J: similar here too but watching if 114 might be the make or break level to watch today:


U/J: 104 remains the level to watch for any make or break:


NZD/USD: this is down at near a major 14-month support trend line so watch for any make or break from there:



A/U: has moved higher during Asia and note the look of a bullish-reversal wedge on the 4hr chart. This is giving us extra trend lines to watch for any make or break:

au30min au4

A/J: Also one that has moved already today but watch for any make or break of the recent 61.8% fib. Note on the daily chart how 78 has been like a magnet for price action lately so keep this level in mind with today’s data:



EUR/CAD: also moved during Asia but the 1.461 remains a kind of ‘line in the sand’ here. Any break and hold below this level will have me looking for a test of the lower triangle trend line.



Keeping in mind that:

S&P500: the 2,135 is the ‘line in the sand’ level here for today. Any break back below that will bring the 61.8% fib of the weekly chart’s swing high into focus which, interestingly, intersects near the longer term support trend line near 1,950. Of course, the whole number levels of 2,100 and 2,000 would impact here to some extent as well.

S&P500 4hr:


S&P500 weekly:


S&P500 weekly + fibs:


Gold: this is chopping sideways for now above the $1,250 S/R level. I’m on the lookout for a test of the 1,300 level if this breaks higher or the 1,200 (50%) and or 1,150 (61.8%) levels if this breaks lower:

Gold 4hr:


Gold daily:


Silver daily: holding at the 50% fib for now but watching for any test of the 61.8% fib:


Oil weekly: I’d expect another test of $50 here:


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