Yen pairs: excellent technical trading opportunities by Mary McNamara

The Yen pairs have offered excellent technical trading over recent weeks with trend line breaks and the US trading sessions providing the best of these opportunities.

The Yen pairs have been ideally suited to trading off shorter time frame charts during the late London and US session as the following 30 min charts show.

E/J 30 min:


U/J 30 min:


GBP/JPY 30 min:


CAD/JPY 30 min:


TC signal:

The only TC signal that triggered recently was on the A/J on Friday morning before the BoJ news. This signal is currently up at around 290 pips and it is managing to hold above the 2014 weekly high for now.

A/J 4hr:


A/J weekly: 


Other Yen pairs:

E/J: This pair show how technical trading can work well as the wedge and triangle breakouts continue here. The 4hr chart’s wedge breakout has yielded 600 pips and the weekly triangle breakout has yielded 180 pips! This pair has now also made a daily close above the 61.8% fib of the 2008-2012 Bear move and this suggests continuation up from this level:

E/J 4hr:


E/J monthly:


U/J: this pair continued higher and has now closed above the next major fib level for the 2007-2012 Bear move, the 78.6% fib.

U/J 4hr:


U/J monthly:


GBP/JPY: This pair is another one that has offered excellent trading opportunities. The break of the 5 week Bear trend line has given over 900 pips! It had a bullish Monday as well and has not looked back since passing the key 179 level. Price is now paused at the weekly trading channel trend line and, also, just under the 50% fib of the 2007-2011 Bear move:

G/J 4hr: 900+ pips since breaking up through the 5 week Bear trend line:


G/J weekly: the trading channel is clear:


G/J: showing price under the 50% fib:


CAD/JPY: this has now made a new daily close above the 100 level. A hold above this support would suggest continuation. There was a 90 pip move on this pair on Monday up to test a previous high:


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