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The 3 C’s for institutional investors; credibility, consistency and conservatism By Sean Lee

The really really good traders make so much money for themselves, they have no need to manage funds for others. Institutional investors understand this. Certainly some of the more aggressive hedge funds will employ ‘risky’ traders but even these roles are few and far between. There is of course massive demand nowadays for anyone who […]

Euro sees sigh of relief as dollar weakens on US-China trade deal hopes: Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – The euro enjoyed a small respite on Monday, jumping to an 11-day high versus the U.S. dollar, on expectations that Washington and Beijing can soon sign off on a deal to end a trade war that has been a drag on global economic growth. Faint optimism for a breakthrough was supported by […]

Markets Today: Markets living on high hope By Rodrigo Catril

US equities finished last week on new highs on the hope the phase one trade deal between the US and China is close. Today’s podcast Overview: Livin’ on a prayer Main global equities ex China close the week on a happy note. S&P 500 up for a sixth consecutive week 10y UST yields up on […]

Weekly Game Plan 18 Nov 19 By Justin Paolini

Last week showed decoupling between US equities (boosted by optimism on the Trade War front) and AsiaPac equities (lower on HK unrest). However, no safe-haven flows were seen just yet. With no developments over the weekend, the markets will likely pick up from where they left off on Friday. Themes for the Week: Trade War: […]

Algogeddon: Coming soon to an FX market near you! By Sean Lee

We’ve had some famous examples over the years, from Herstatt in 1974 through to LTCM in 1998, where one position in the market got so big that it’s liquidation caused massive disruption and huge spikes in volatility. We live in different times now but the risks are still the same. The present day market is dominated by huge ‘Algos’, […]

Dollar Ends Bruising Week: More Losses Ahead? By Kathy Lien

It has been a challenging week for the U.S. dollar as the greenback sold off against most of the major currencies. Weaker U.S. data combined with Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s benign outlook for the U.S. economy reinforced the market’s view that low rates will be here to stay. Trade talks also hit a snag this week and the […]

China’s Economy at a Glance – November 2019: NAB

Most of China’s indicators relatively weak year-on-year, however, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China at the start of the October has made this harder to gauge. By Gerard Burg Most of China’s indicators were relatively weak in year-on-year terms in October. While some part of this weakness reflects the impact […]


Groundhog Day was one of my favourite movies starring Bill Murray back in the early 1990’s. I feel that with this week’s blog, it’s Groundhog day once again, in fact since after the flurry of activity last August, I feel that at every weekend since the initial move higher in the cable that I have […]

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