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FXWW has put all the important information that FX traders need on a daily basis in an easy-to-use web portal. Once you’ve seen this, you will realise the huge advantage that institutional traders have had for many decades. Non-stop news will help you feel the market pulse! Live economic data releases! All on a customisable interface.

Thomson Reuters News

news1Feel the market pulse through trustworthy, timely and accurate news reporting. Traders need to stay constantly well informed. News streamed in multiple languages.

Economic Data

ECON5Thomson Reuters are renowned as the fastest provider of live economic data in the financial markets. You will now be able to see the live economic data release at exactly the same time as every other professional trader

All in One

news5Experience the beautiful feeling of being
well-informed and in control. Link your watch-list to your charts to news headlines! Customise your interface to suit your trading style.

Highs and Lows

Hilo5Reuters FX have been the definitive source of market highs and lows for decades. There is no absolute guarantee in the FX market but the Reuters FX parameters are the closest thing you’ll get.

Hard-to-source data

fwds9This hard-to-find information is now only 1 click away. Interest rates, Forwards, Government Debt and spot rates for every currency under the sun!

Find out why Thomson Reuters is the most trusted provider of data and news to the financial markets

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