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The Pitfalls and Benefits of “Back-testing” by Sam Eder

When I first started trading I would have spent hundreds of hours poring over charts back-testing my trading strategy. I even enlisted my girlfriends help to record my back test results in a spreadsheet (much to her chagrin). But what exactly is back-testing and does it help? Two types of back-testing There are two main […]

Goldman Sachs Intraday Trade Ideas – Sell EUR/USD & USD/RUB

Two tactical trades for today: EM: Sell USDRUB. Entry: 41.96 in spot. S/L 42.09. T/P 41.61 – Tax deadlines today and tomorrow (MET and Corporate profit), means some supply from exporters is highly likely – Russian stock market +1.5% today, getting a boost post successful election in Ukraine, while RUB lags. – Hike by the […]

Looking to build a long AUD/JPY position, but going short first by Sam Eder

I’m looking to build a long-term bullish position on the AUD/JPY. In saying that the market has given me an opportunity to go short first with a good risk/reward ratio. I have gone short at 95.059 and will be looking to buy back at a larger size when I see a bullish reversal. Reasons for […]

Goldman Sachs Spot Desk Strategies

Summary of our Traders’ Strategies: EUR: I retain an overall bearish preference towards EURUSD but am happy to be flat and flexible at the moment. Resistance should emerge in the 1.2725/40 zone and this should represent a decent level to initiate a short, with support at the Asian 1.2673 low and further out at last […]

Monday opens with + risk appetite by Mary McNamara

There has been some obvious USD weakness throughout today’s Asian session and this has triggered a bit of ‘risk appetite’. I’ve been noting over recent weeks how the US session has provided better and more profitable low risk trading opportunities. It might be worth waiting to see if this current momentum continues then before getting […]

Citi trade of the week: Buy NZD/USD

Buy NZDUSD at 0.7850, target 0.8025, stop loss 0.7790. From the FXWW chatroom The post Citi trade of the week: Buy NZD/USD appeared first on www.forextell.com.

USD/JPY: Risk-reward favours long-term top-pickers by Sean Lee

Picking levels in USD/JPY is will nigh impossible and it really is a matter of watching the market very closely for signs of accelerations and turns. I still cannot get away from the view that the big bull move from sub-80 on the back of the BOJ is running out of steam. That doesn’t mean […]

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