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AUDUSD: Bears return, see why? by Reece Marini

AUDUSD H4 I had mentioned on a number of occasions the importance of the 0.82800/900 in Aussie and that a number of Elliott Wave and Gann traders were likely closely watching this level. http://forexhft.com/audusd-elliott-wave-fraternity-closely-watching-0-82800-see-why/ http://forexhft.com/0-82900-the-resistance-level-to-watch-in-aussie/ Overnight this level was reached and attracted a large amount of selling with the Aussie falling 100 pips in the […]

Session Data for Fri Jan 16 (GMT-5:00 ET)

Cable: Is this the level to go long by Reece Marini

GBPUSD M30 Cable has attracted solid buying on the AB=CD (Light blue) and 1:1 (White) that coincided with an important 50 fib at 1.51500 during yesterdays NY session. As long as the market continues to attract solid buying above this level I would expect the 1.52700 high to come under attack in the sessions ahead, […]

EUR/CHF: Important information on post SNB price action

For those who are faced with margin calls this morning, it’s important to get as much information as possible on how the market traded immediately after the SNB announcement and then make a decision on whether you’ve been fairly treated by your broker. Once you have agreed on common ground then you can have a […]

EURUSD; Euro buffeted by SNB move. EZ/US CPI to provide the direction today by FX Charts

EUR/USD: 1.1611 Then news that the SNB had removed the 1.2000 floor in EurChf dominated overnight trade, with the cross collapsing from just above 1.2000,  falling in a black hole by around 20% to 1.0053 on MT4 (although EBS apparently registered the cross as trading at 0.8500!!) before rebounding back to around 1.0400, with price action […]

Don’t Confuse Activity with Accomplishment Part 2 by Sam Eder

Here is part 1 I wanted to ask for some more thoughts to the topic because I think it is a big issue with a lot of traders. What are your thoughts? Many traders spend a lot of time trading, but only a small amount of their trades generate the majority of their profits. It’s […]

FX Flows – London Update

from Citibank: Turnover has held up well in Asia, just not in EURUSD. Leveraged names have piled into AUDUSD, but overall we have seen net selling into the rally. The bulk of the supply has come from banks. –    EURUSD: Turnover low; bias 54% in favor of buying –    USDJPY: Turnover average; bias 51% in favor of […]

Goldman Sachs Spot Desk Strategies

Short EURUSD via Cash and Option => The pair continues to trade range bound ahead of the ECB for the time being but we maintain our bearish conviction. Levels for the session: next support at 1.1730 (yesterday’s lows) then 1.17, with resistance towards 1.1850 (yesterday’s high). S/L 1.19. Short GBPUSD => We like GBP lower […]

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