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Gold: respects major Fib support …again! by Mary McNamara

Gold is trading above major 61.8% Fibonacci support on the monthly time frame and has respected this key level again overnight.  Gold monthly: the 61.8% fib is derived from the last major swing high move on the monthly chart time frame. This fib comes in near the $1,145 level: Gold 4hr: price bounced up from […]

Session Data for Wed Nov 12 (GMT-5:00 ET)

Trading what’s In-front of You with Market Type Transitions by Sam Eder

Like the sea turns from calm to stormy so do markets. As a trader, like the captain of a sailing ship, you want to notice these changes to adapt your strategy as appropriate. In this previous post on market types, I talked about how you identify the market type you are in, and how to […]

USD/JPY – 117.95 next bull target by Milan Cutkovic

A daily close above the 115.50 resistance level would suggest an extension of the upmove towards the October 2007 peak at 117.95. Eventually, we would target a move towards 120.00. USD/JPY is definitely ripe for bit of a pullback, but a test of 120.00 shouldn’t be ruled out into year-end. As long as the Fed […]

WTI: Large stops sitting below 75.00 by Reece Marini

WTI Weekly Oil is testing an important double bottom and 50 fib that coincide at 75.00, there are likely a large number of stops sitting below this level. I would expect these stops to be targeted in the days ahead as this market continues to trade with a heavy tone. WTI H4 The smart money […]

FXWW update: Funding programs, information portals, and signals

We are about to launch the Axi Select incubation program in coming days. This program is fully funded by Axi Corp and independently managed by FXWW. We know that the next generation of superstar trader will come from the ranks of the current retail trader, and we intend to find them. If you have registered […]

FX updates today via the FXWW Chatroom

Barx: seeing some decent interest here to re load on USDJPY topside structures following latest announcements and overnight moves. front end vol had a good move on this. 1mth over 1 vol up current mid around 10.05.. RR is small favouring topside now at 0.1 over for calls (1mth).  Citi Global flows – overview: Investor […]

USD/JPY extends gains as sales tax likely to be delayed

According to Reuters sources, Japan PM Abe is likely to delay sales-tax hike. USD/JPY is trading at a fresh 7-year high at 115.76. The post USD/JPY extends gains as sales tax likely to be delayed appeared first on www.forextell.com.

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