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Markets remain very nervous: by Milan Cutkovic

The market is obviously very nervous at the moment and plenty of rumors are making the round, as traders and analysts try to explain what happened. The Retail Sales data was a miss, yes, but I think that this was a pure sentiment-driven move. The data alone nor the previous data releases don’t suggest that […]

Goldman Sachs Spot Desk Strategies: by Milan Cutkovic

EUR Consolidation continues and yesterday the Euro reversed gains as the dollar stabilised and we saw players reinitiate EURUSD shorts. I stick with the view that ultimately EURUSD will make new lows but it is difficult to predict how long this holding pattern will endure. In the meantime I am staying flexible, trading the range […]

CAD/JPY still the FX market’s favourite ‘oil price’ play by Sean Lee

Oil prices have been falling very heavily in recent weeks and the FX market’s favourite proxy trade for crude is CAD/JPY; one economy heavily reliant on oil exports and the other heavily reliant on oil imports. This pair is over 4% lower in the last 2 weeks and we are fast approaching important technical support […]

FX Updates today via the FXWW Chatroom

GS: G10 FX SPOT TRADER VIEWS POSITIONING => We maintain our short EURUSD and short NZDUSD. We took profit in our short NZDJPY position. Short EURUSD => The pair should stay rangy for the time being with support at 1.2605 and any move towards 1.2690/1.2700 is a good opportunity to sell. S/L at 1.2800 (above […]

FX Majors & Crosses trade ideas via the FXWW Chatroom

MajorsEUR/USD: BUY AT 1.2622 FOR 1.2770 OBJECTIVE, STOP 1.2581USD/JPY: LONG AT 107.12 FOR 108.01 OBJECTIVE, STOP 106.82GBP/USD: SELL AT 1.6000 FOR 1.5854; STOP AT 1.6055USD/CHF: SHORT AT .9547 FOR .9433 OBJECTIVE, STOP.9603AUD/USD: SELL AT .8750 FOR .8642 OBJECTIVE, STOP .8815USD/CAD: LONG AT 1.1170 FOR REVISED 1.1468; REVISED STOP AT 1.1220CrossesEUR/JPY: SELL AT 136.46 FOR 134.40; […]

AUD/USD: Sovereign buyers related to new bond issue: by Sean Lee

Once again the Sovereign buyers appeared in force when the AUD/USD dipped to .8680 and market chatter suggests that this is related to the new 2037 Australian bond issue. Sellers are also noted close-by near .8725/30 so we may be in for a short stint of range trading. The post AUD/USD: Sovereign buyers related to […]

USDCHF: US$ bounces nicely off support. Retest of 0.9600 coming up? by Jim Langlands

USD/CHF: 0.9540 The dollar held the 0.9468 support today, where we now have a double bottom, and has bounced back to sit just below the session highs of 0.9555.Shorter term momentum remains positive and on the topside 0.9570 will provide the initial  resistance (200 HMA) ahead of 0.9600. There is no change in the longer […]

Session Data for Wed Oct 15 (GMT-5:00 ET)

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