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(Bloomberg) — Closest significant option expiries for NY cut, based on DTCC data: FXWW

From the FXWW Chatroom – EUR/USD: 1.1375 (EU751m), 1.1500 (EU575m) * Upcoming notable strikes: 1.1500 (EU1.9b Aug. 16) * USD/JPY: 110.00 ($382m), 110.50 ($737m), 112.00 ($596m), 112.15 ($396m), 112.25 ($686m), 112.50 ($1.6b) * Upcoming notable strikes: 110.50 ($1.1b Aug. 16) * GBP/USD: 1.2750 (GBP397m) * Upcoming notable strikes: 1.2700 (GBP1.4b Aug. 16) * AUD/USD: No […]

Sterling (CME): Market Players Positioned For A Bearish Continuation By Ivan Delgado

The CoT report, against conventional belief, does not represent a lagging indicator. The right interpretation of the data provided, published every Friday at 3:30 E.T., and reflecting the commitments of traders up to the prior Tuesday, offers comprehensive insights to gauge how the smart money is positioned. Large institutions and commercials tend to leave a […]

Option expiries for today’s Tuesday August 14 NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London) FXWW

From the FXWW Chatroom – EUR/USD: $1.1400(E392mn), $1.1500-05(E1.03bn), $1.1600-05(E1.0bn) USD/JPY: Y108.80($590mn), Y110.00-05($1.32bn), Y110.25($433mn), Y112.00($324mn) USD/CHF: Chf0.9925-30($360mn) AUD/USD: $0.7250(A$393mn), $0.7310(A$326mn), $0.7340(A$394mn), $0.7350(A$1.06bn), $0.7375(A$347mn), $0.7405(A$1.31bn), $0.7500(A$1.31bn) USD/CAD: C$1.3150($410mn), C$1.3300($350mn) ————————————- Larger option pipeline: EUR/USD: Aug16 $1.1500(E1.92bn), $1.1550-55(E1.38bn), $1.1600(E1.5bn); Aug20 $1.1500-05(E1.2bn); Aug23 $1.1625(E1.79bn) USD/JPY: Aug15 Y112.15-25($1.67bn), Y112.50($1.64bn); Aug16 Y110.50($1.1bn), Y112.00($942mn), Y112.45-55($1.37bn) EUR/JPY: Aug15 Y127.50(E800mn), Y128.50(E805mn), Y129.00(E880mn), Y130.00-10(E1.09bn) GBP/USD: […]


From the FXWW Chatroom – Against the backdrop of financial markets pricing-out ~30bp of end-CY18 rate hikes over recent months, we have pushed-out our forecast start to the RBA’s tightening cycle by 12 months to November 2019. Beyond that we expect the cash rate to rise +50bp per year. There are two key reasons for […]

14 Aug: Trend table outlook for FX, Commodities, Indices: FXCharts

Once again there is a lot happening in the markets so, in bullet points: The US$ remains very bid in the medium term against the Euro, Aud, Kiwi and Sterling in particular. The short term charts though do hint at better levels to get short of each of these pairs, so I would not be […]

Electronic vs Regular Trading Hours: By Justin Paolini

The financial markets maintain habits that were created decades ago, but persist to this day. For example, the importance of London as a financial center and as the trend-setting session of the FX market. Another one of these habits, that futures traders will be more familiar with, is the “pit session”. Nowadays our price charts […]

USD: Close To A Reversal By Ian Copsey

Ouch … The correction I expected was nothing like the pullback I had envisaged. Instead, in EUR/USD and GBP/USD the dollar plowed higher and basically almost completed the entire move rally. This tends to suggest limited gains from here on. Most likely we should see a pullback lower in the dollar and later new high […]

The Week Ahead: FXWW

From the FXWW Chatroom – The week starts off with a heavy focus on Chinese Data. Reported Data has so far been pretty good for China since the start of the Trade War that seems to eb engulfing the world. Domestic spending data in the form of Retail Sales will be of great interest to […]

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