A 16-page Interactive Forex Trading System Template by Sam Eder

BuddhaDo you have a written trading plan for you system?

If you are planning to trade Forex for more than anything but a hobby you should. As a trader you need to build a winning system that fits you and your personality as a trader and a written trading plan is a crucial part of that.

Your trading plan will give you a framework of rules for you to use as you trade what’s in-front of you. It is perhaps the “rules-based discretionary trader’s most important tool

(The opposite of a rules based discretionary trader is a non-rules based discretionary trader, or a trader that operates out of whim.)

We have developed a 16 page interactive Forex trading system template for you to use as part of the Advanced Forex Course for Smart Traders (get free access). All you need to do it join the Forex course and it will be emailed to you, no strings attached.

Join the Course to Get the 16 page Interactive Forex Trading System Template

(For current members I have added the template here for you to download.

In the following graphic you can see how the different elements of you trading plan come together to guide you what, when and how much to trade.


Though-out the Forex course you get lessons covering these elements, along with course work each week that will help you to fill out the trading plan so you can have a winning trading system that fits you.

Join the Course to Get the 16 page Interactive Forex Trading System Template




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