Citi: GBP: What polls will be released today?

From the FXWW Chatroom: GBPUSD has had a relatively calm Wednesday, aided by the absence of any new UK-wide polls on Brexit. The tranquility is unlikely to last through Thursday, when Ipsos MORI and Survation phone polls are slated for release.
The final Survation-IG telephone poll is due possibly at 12:00 BST according to Survation’s official Twitter account. The last poll on May 25 showed Bremain’s lead increase to 7 percentage points. Remain was at 44% and Leave was at 38%.
The last Ipsos MORI poll, commissioned by the London Evening Standard and published on May 18, suggested 55% of Brits wanted to remain in the EU while 37% wanted to leave. The last Survation poll said 44% of Brits were for remain vs 38% for leave. The latest Betfair odds suggest a 65% probability that UK will vote to stay in the EU.
The BoE decision later in the day should also offer some volatility to spot.

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