EURX always ‘the Bridesmaid’ to the US$ BUT it’s on a roll too!

The US$ has moved higher but still remains within a range-bound triangle on the daily chart. Of even more interest though is the EURX which is also trading higher and nearing a major Flag resistance trend line! Watch for any make or break from this region as this will obviously impact EUR pairs. 

I finally made it to my European destination after 36 hours of travel and three flights but I have a nice view whilst I potter on my laptop! I’ve been a bit tired but managed to catch 50 pip moves on Monday and Tuesday with both completing before 11 am; the two trades coming off 30 min charts during the early European session. I was out for the afternoon on Tuesday and missed the moves during the US session on Gold etc but consider this should average out over the month. Today, Wednesday, is shaping up fairly quiet so far but will keep checking the 30 min charts throughout the day. 


NB: Updates may be less regular whilst I am away for this 4 week period. Twitter might be a better forum for me during this period.

USDX daily: a bit of buying BUT it needs to break out from the triangle. There is USD ADP & ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI to come today so watch for impact from these:


USDX weekly: it sure looks like something big might be building here! Watch for any momentum-fueled breakout:


EURX daily: this is having a good run too!


EURX weekly: a channel trend line is looming so watch for any make or break from here


S&P500: more consolidation here:

S&P500 daily:


S&P500 4hr: watch trend lines here too for any momentum-fueled breakout or respect:


Oil weekly: keep an eye on the $50 level as any bullish breakout might head up to test the $70 target:


Gold 4hr: finally got the wedge breakout BUT….look where it has paused! The 61.8% fib which is also near the weekly and daily 200 EMA (green lines):


Silver: check out the movement here. Got the break of one triangle TL for a move right down to the lower trend line! Watch for any make or break here and use the 61.8% fib as a target for any further bearish breakdown:

Silver 4hr:


Silver daily:



EUR/USD daily: still triangle bound here for now. Watch for any impact from today’s USD data:


EUR/JPY daily: trying for a daily breakout here and back above the 115 level:


AUD/USD 4hr: holding above 0.76 for now:


AUD/JPY daily: bullish momentum increasing and a recent TL break. One to watch if stocks keep going higher:


GBP/USD: watching to see where this closes for the week as a sub 1.28 level would suggest much lower:

Cable daily:


Cable monthly: any weekly close below 1.28 would suggest a test of 1.20 and then maybe 1.05:


NZD/USD 4hr: got the triangle break here with increased momentum. Watch the 61.8% fib near 0.715:


USD/JPY: does this 9 month trend line break mean that the weekly Inv H&S starting? So far there has been a daily chart based trend line breakout. We would need to see a weekly chart breakout to confirm this Inv H&S pattern:

U/J weekly:


U/J daily:


GBP/JPY daily: watching for any triangle trend line breakout move:


GBP/NZD: this is back down at the major 1.77 level so I’m watching for any break-away move:

GBP/NZD monthly:


GBP/NZD 4hr:


GBP/NZD 30 min:


USD/CAD 4hr: so sick of this pair!



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The post EURX always ‘the Bridesmaid’ to the US$ BUT it’s on a roll too! appeared first on

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