FX: Option expiries for today’s Fri NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London)

* EUR/USD: $1.0700(E1.722bn), $1.0750(E740mn), $1.0775(E734mn), 
$1.0800(E1.787bn), $1.0850(E571mn), $1.0900(E523mn), $1.0925(E2.215bn), 
$1.0930-40(E866mn), $1.0965-75(E472mn), $1.1000(E1.836mn), $1.1125(E582mn) 
* USD/JPY: Y123.00($478mn), Y123.50($395mn), Y125.00($1.46bn), Y125.75($800mn) 
* GBP/USD: $1.5450(Gbp431mn), $1.5500(Gbp400mn) 
* EUR/GBP: Gbp0.7000(E478mn) 
* AUD/USD: $0.7300(A$401mn), $0.7350(A$667mn), $0.7450(A$592mn) 
* USD/CAD: C$1.3000($391mn), C$1.3025($300mn), C$1.3175($305mn) 
Expiries next week 
* USD/JPY: Aug10 Y124.00($2.59bn), Y125.00($1.34bn): Aug12 Y124.00($1.28bn), 
* AUD/USD: Aug10 $0.7200(A$1.7bn) 

EURO-DOLLAR: MNI Fundamental levels (orders, options, technicals) 
*$1.1000/05  Strong offers/$1.1000 expiry E1.8bn 
*$1.0988-96  Aug4-Aug3 highs 
*$1.0958     21-dma 
*$1.0935-44  Recovery high off $1.0874/Aug6 high 
*$1.0931     Intraday high Asia 
*$1.0925     Expiries E2.2bn 
*$1.0920  ***Current market rate 0527GMT Friday 
*$1.0911     Intraday Asia low 
*$1.0900     Expiry E523mn) 
*$1.0874     Aug6 low 
*$1.0850/48  NY low Aug5/Expiry E521mn 
*$1.0840     Medium demand 
*$1.0819     May27 low(still important on close basis) 
*$1.0812-08  Jul21 low/Late NY low Jul20 
*$1.0800     Expiry E1.7bn 
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