Silver and Gold by Mary McNamara

Silver and Gold are both trading within conventional technical patterns but are looking a bit bearish.

Silver: this is trading within a 4hr triangle pattern and putting pressure on the lower trend line. It is trying to print a new TC signal to short as well however price is within the 4hr Cloud and so any TC signal would not be valid. A trend line break may offer a shorting opportunity here though:

Silver4hr Silver4hrCloud

Gold: this is still ranging within a Flag pattern on the 4hr chart but is also trying to print a TC signal. As for Silver, Gold is trading within the 4hr Cloud and so any new TC signal would not be valid. I am still looking for a test of at least $1,250 here but the 4hr 200 EMA near $1,240 could be a target as well:

Gold4hr Gold4hrCloud

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