USDX, EURX & FX update by Mary McNamara

The USDX remains ‘Flag’ bound and the EURX channel bound ahead of key data to come over the next couple of days.

USDX: still trading within a flag under major resistance:


EURX daily: still channel bound:


FX: there isn’t to much to report at the moment as there is little momentum on many pairs ahead of the major data still to come this week.

GBP/JPY: I did get a new TC signal off my 7 pm candle (20 min ago) but will ignore this ahead of the Scottish Referendum. The GBP/JPY is above the 4hr and daily Cloud though:


E/U: no trend line break here yet:


Gold 4hr: nor here:


GBP/CHF: this is trying to break up and out of the trading channel but traders should wait to see a daily close here first and, also, wait until after all of the GBP and CHF news for this week. A new TC signal here off my 7 pm candle isn’t valid as, although price is above the 4hr Cloud, it is trading within the daily Cloud:


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