From the FXWW Chatroom – re audnzd…1.0830/70 region has mda supports and decent upward channel support…not to mention some horizontal lvls also…fundamentally supports cross higher…respective interest rate outlooks and domestic economies support it…however EM and trade tensions are the key risk as aussie a more relevant proxy to these fears….i realise I’m stating the obvious here….but that’s pretty much in my mind the actual force at play…there is prob a narrative of rba possibly moving more towards an easing bias risk like rbnz….and hence audnzd may find it hard to hold onto gains…personally I’m leaving it alone as I feel EM and trade tensions are likely to worsen…whereas possibly the bad news in nzd ala rbnz is mostly done???? when I say leaving it alone…I would like to play from long side but Aussie could keep going and so I don’t want to be long anything aud cross.

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