BNPP Positioning: FXWW

From the FXWW Chatroom: BNPP Positioning on a -/+50 scale
SEK  +38
EUR  +30
CAD  +28
AUD  +17
NOK  +11
NZD  +1
JPY  -3
CHF  -16
GBP  -29
USD  -39

– Short USD and long EUR positions remain large, at scores of -39 and +30 respectively (-/+ 50 scale).
– Long SEK positions have increased over the week to a score of +38, now the largest long in the G10.
– The market has extended its short GBP positions to -29 as FX funds appear to have built a large short GBP position.
– Long CAD positions have increased to a score of +28, the largest long CAD position since 2012.

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