FX: Option expiries for today’s Fri April 28 NY cut (10:00 NY, 15:00 London)

From the FXWW Chatroom: *EUR/USD: $1.0600(E2.83bn), $1.0815(E464mn), $1.0850(E882mn), $1.0900(E1.91bn), $1.0950(E2.44bn), $1.1000(E1.02bn), $1.1035(E453mn)
*USD/JPY: Y109.00($2.63bn), Y110.00($1.02bn), Y110.50($522mn), Y111.00($782mn)
*GBP/USD: $1.2550(Gbp849mn), $1.2650(Gbp925mn), $1.2700(Gbp439mn), $1.2800(Gbp613mn), $1.2850(Gbp397mn), $1.2900(Gbp786mn), $1.3000(Gbp971mn)
*EUR/GBP: Gbp0.8300(E340mn), Gbp0.8350(E1.05bn), Gbp0.8400(E325mn)
*Large option expiries for next week
*EUR/USD: May4 $1.0500(E1.55bn); $1.0725(E1.58bn); May3 $1.0925(E1.02bn); May5 $1.0725(E1.58bn), $1.0900(E1.29bn)
*USD/JPY: May1 Y110.00($1.64bn), Y110.20-25($1.08bn), Y113.50($861mn); May2
*EUR/JPY: May1 Y120.00(E942mn)
*AUD/NZD: May3 NZ$1.0660(A$794mn; May11 NZ$1.0700(A$846mn)

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